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Easily Overlooked -- "Jam Packed" Informational Source for the TI-99/4A

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TI-99/4A Floppy Days Podcast Classic Computers
Easily Overlooked -- "Jam Packed" Informational Source for the TI-99/4A

Just because something is old doesn’t mean it’s dull and uninteresting, our TI-99/4A’s are proof of that!  In fact there is a lot of interesting information floating around the Internet that can easily be overlooked. 
We all know how to search for text documents, web sites and other specific things we know exist, but what about stuff hidden just a little deeper that returning 99’ers or newbies may never have even heard about?
Since 2013 there has been a podcast called Floppy Day’s that focuses on classic computers.  That website with all their episodes can be found << HERE >>.  Contained in their growing library of episodes  are five gems that many TI-99/4A users should find very interesting.  Like our TI-99/4A’s, these episodes have been around a while (about a year really), but they will still draw you in and hold your attention.
The links below will take you directly to the TI episodes, which you can even download and save for future use in places like your car on drives… like on your trip to Fest West this year!  :grin:
TI-99/4A Related Floppy Day’s Podcasts
(Click on links below for listed episodes)
Episode 49 – TI99, Interview with Jim Fetzner & Mark Wills
Episode 50 -  TI-99/4A History, with Jim Fetzner and Mark Wills
Episode 51 –  TI99 Tech Specs, Modern Upgrades with Tursi
Episode 52 – TI-99 Software, Books, Magazines with Chris Schneider and Rich Polivka
Episode 56 – TI99 Emulation, Web Sites with Chris Schneider and Rich Polivka
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Wouldn't it be great to have a TI-99/4 podcast with interviews from programmers and hardware guys from the present and past?


Maybe someone will get out a copy of the Orphan Chronicles and begin tracking down the folks who started it all?


I'm thinking of an audio hybrid of Yesterday's News and the Shift-838 newsletters.

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That sounds like a GREAT idea.  Let me know when your first issue comes out! :)  

I'm also contemplating purchasing a small MP3 player to give away at Fest West with the above Podcast episodes on it.  If yours comes out before them I'll include it too.

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UPDATE:  I was unaware of Floppy Days episode #75 that contains an interview with Jon Guidry and a link to the Don't Mess With Texas demo.  Anyway, 'acadiel' posted a very nice listing of the entries above including Podcast #75, but with greater detail on each episode.  << HERE >>


I'll update the blog entry to reflect these changes in a day or so when I have more time.  

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I listend the Podcast ≠49. It was very interesting for me. The idea from Airshack sounds also good. Next I will Listen the other Podcasts too. Great.
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