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Awesome 3D Printed Case for the TI-99/4A Plug-N-Play 32K Device

Posted by --- Ω ---, 28 January 2017 · 1,308 views

TI-99/4A 3D PRINTED COD3M4ST4 --- Ω --- Omega
Awesome 3D Printed Case for the TI-99/4A Plug-N-Play 32K Device

Heads Up!
If you own one of JediMatt42's Plug-N-Play 32K expansion devices to the TI-99/4A, you'll want to watch the video below.
Atari Age user cOd3m4st4 has been making 3D printed cases for TI homebrew projects like the Flash ROM 99, the NanoPEB and the CF7.  His latest case, designed for Jedimatt42's Plug-N-Play 32K device is by far his best work yet.  This case fits and surrounds the circuit board like a glove, protecting it from damage, all while looking good at the same time!  :thumbsup:
I'm very happy with mine and thought I'd share with you some 'EXTREME CLOSE-UP SHOTS' so you can see what I'm sure you'll want to buy for your 32K side-car expansion.
For more information on purchasing this, or any of his other cases all you have to do is


Nice :) Really tight tolerances, which is pretty hard to achieve with home 3D printers. It usually takes me 2-3 prints before I get things just right...

Don't care much about the music though. It kind of detracts from the video and I would have preferred a softer theme. But then, music preference is indeed in the eye of the beholder :)

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Yes, very nice.  I was amazed at how perfect it was.


Yeah, I wondered about the music, but it was just the perfect length... so in my haste to get this video out, I just... "went for it".   I'll tone it down a bit on the next video.  Thank's for your feedback.  I wonder if the music is why no one has clicked "like" on the video yet?

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@Vorticon if you are talking about how both halves fit to each other, if the printer is well calibrated is not that hard when printed this way (with the case front sides laying on the heated bed)... when printed upside down on support structure as i did with the FR99, since first layers are always pushed down against the heated bed, it is harder to achieve, and results are never perfect (and risk of breaking the thin walls is high). That's why the 32K PCB, CF7 and NanoPEB case fit better, they are easier to print. No support needed for this one, and a small amount needed for CF7 and NanoPEB for the switch.


Anyway, i always need to do some "draft" prints before i'm happy with it :)


BTW... surface on top cover is a bit rough in the case i sent to --- Ω --- I was having some adhesion issues after replacing a broken extruder part. All that was fixed some days later after i shipped his sample case and results now are much better.


@--- Ω --- i like the music ! :)

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I decided to customize mine a little and spray painted the top to more match the TI.



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Looks good! :)

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Looks good! :)


Thanks!  For anyone wanting to copy me, be sure to use multiple THIN COATS of spray paint and be sure to press down the 'Frog Tape' firmly, otherwise you'll get some runs under the grooves which will make it look sloppy.


The paint I used for this project...


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