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3D Printers - New Tech protecting our new "TI-Toys"

Posted by --- Ω ---, 23 April 2018 · 206 views

3D Printing TI-99/4A TIPI Omega-TI

Currently, few people have a decent 3D printer, even fewer people have the design skills to create cool stuff on them.  It's really no problem because here at AtariAge we have a diverse community.  We have people with almost every skill to fill almost every available niche.  One member, who goes by "COREi64" has the printer, the skill set and the desire to make cool stuff for us.
His first design, the 32K case was a work of art.  I was so impressed I had to have one, but then something wonderful happened… TIPI hit the market.  So sadly, I can't use that brand new case.  :_(  But my loss gave me the idea for this blog entry.  If YOU know what the future holds, YOU can make better decisions and save a few bucks at the same time!  So this blog entry will show you what is going to be available, and what is currently available. 
This is where we are so far:
Phase One (Completed)
A case for the 32K Memory Expansion
Not everyone will want or need to a TIPI.  Some folks are perfectly happy with a FinalGROM99 cartridge and the 32K memory expansion board.  For those folks, COREi64 already has the solution for you.  See the video (below) for that item.

If this case interests you NOW, it's available by the creator on eBay << CLICK HERE >>
Phase Two (Completed) (Updated 05/11/2018)
A single case enclosing BOTH the 32K & TIPI boards

Posted Image


These have now shipped!  I'll be making a video to give you a closer detailed look when I receive mine.

Phase Three (Future)
A matching case for the RPi
This enclosure can be of use to current design TIPI users, and future users of the planned P-Box version.  

This section will be updated as progress continues, including video.

Phase Four (Future)
A single unit design
The case will be amazing.  It will enclose everything… all in one case:
1) The Speech Synthesizer
2) The 32K Memory Expansion
3) The TIPI Interface Board
4) The RPi 3
...and there WILL be a removable window for the << Adafruit PiOLED display >>.

This section will be updated as progress continues, including video.


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