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CRUTCHFIELD Spring 1982 catalog

Posted by kPack, 05 August 2017 · 505 views

CRUTCHFIELD Spring 1982 catalog

A co-worker gave me his copy of the Spring 1982 Crutchfield catalog knowing I was looking into buying my first computer.  This catalog contained 15 pages of Atari product information (page93-107). I was impressed with the graphics capabilities but the onscreen lower case letters made the 800 my first computer. I have never regretted that decision. 
Recently I was reminiscing and noticed the catalog pages yellowing. Before it turned to dust seemed like a good time to scan and share.  The entire catalog was scanned because seeing the Atari pages in with the rest of the hi-tech consumer electronics really shows how advanced the 800 really was. (The phone section is a hoot.)
Attached File  Crutchfield Spring 1982 .pdf (43.71MB)
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I checked out the Crutchfield of today to see how much has changed.  Not only has the tech changed but so has the value of the dollar.

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