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The Rover Pipeline: What a mess!

Posted by simbalion, 16 May 2017 · 405 views

It's been getting interesting here of late in my area of Ohio with the Rover Pipeline being built. The company building it, Energy Transfer Associates or something like that, has really been racking up the problems. This is the same company that flattened a historic farm property in Carrol county last year without any sort of permission or warning to the town and county of their intentions and that got them fined 2.3 million in mitigation damages. Well, since entering my country and Stark county, they have racked up something like 13 EPA violations, including drowning a protected wetland under 2 million gallons of drilling mud and cuttings. This has now gotten them another fine of $430,000 along with an addition fine of 1.5 million for more damage to other historic sites in the area. Oh, they also came close to burning someone's house down with illegal burning of brush too close to the home. Of course, they are now refusing to pay the fines, claiming that Ohio has no jurisdiction over them because it is a federal project, but at the rate they are bumbling, I am afraid we are going to have a massive bomb on our hands when that pipeline gets put into service! If any of you out there have this pipeline going in near you, keep an eye on these idiots! There is too much of a mess developing around this project.

Someone might rack this up to the 'cost of sovereignty', or, at the very least, a more isolationist approach.  I just can't help but think that this is a taste of what every smaller country that we come in and destroy with industry (in usually more drastically irreversible ways than police-action-war) gets to see.


I certainly don't want all these violations, but can't help but be reminded of the FDA, who writes laws without the people and can close down factories selling diet food for making claims of treating 'obesity', which is now categorized as 'you have it if your overweight'. 

We've been destroying other peoples back yards in worse ways for a long time and it's happening to us.


I hope it's not the cost of isolationism.

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