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7800 Not Doing So Good

Posted by flickertail, 18 December 2017 · 233 views

I work at Univ of North Dakota, and I know one of the archaeologist who participated in the ET Dig in the New Mexico landfill.
Not long after the movie about the dig was released, we had a screening on campus, which featured not only a discussion with the archaeologists, but also a good portion of my Atari collection... All of which was setup for people to play. Xenophobe on my 7800, multiple carts on one of my 2600s, and the family 5200 which I borrowed from my cousin for the occasion... as well as two of the Flashbacks I have.
At the time my 7800 was working like it was new... but multiple moves, and on/off again garage storage in freezing cold seems to have taken its toll. It still "works", but the colors seem to be off, the scan lines seem to be wiggly, and the there is a lot of interference, which seems to get better if I jiggle the cord by the connection to the console. But once I let go of the cable, the snow seems to come back, which says to me that something inside is loose.
I'm really kind of bummed.

Hmmm... I think it may be possible to repair it!
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Hmmm... I think it may be possible to repair it!


Well... after posting about my Coleco Gemini not working, I realized I'm kind of stupid. It's been a while since I've seen my atari hardware, have just pulled a box of it from my mom's place. And what I thought was my 7800 is actually an Atari Jr.


So the 7800 is probably in good working order. I guess I'll rummage through my stuff this weekend when I'm at my mom's place for xmas.

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