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Full Set of Players - Well, minus the Seeker

Posted by flickertail, 19 December 2017 · 176 views

Full Set of Players - Well, minus the Seeker

I added a full compliment of sprites for the pitch area. The original idea was to make the center of the pitch where the goalies and centers are located to split into an interlaced area. Where GRP0 would be both goalies on the A/B frames (no flicker, no space between scan lines), and GRP1 would be the alternating team centers on A and B (no flicker, but the center for each team would render on alternating scanlines).
If that makes since...
Anyway, I was having problems getting the timing on using NUSIZ0 right, so I gave up and rendered them with flicker for the time being.
IDK, there's obvious work to be done. To my surprise, I have a playball line skip issue on my wingers/defense men areas (which I thought to be less complicated), but not on the goalie/center section of the pitch which also somehow loads the "goals" without interfering with the playball render.
Overall, this sort of works, but the flicker annoys me, and I am unimpressed with the crappy "goals".
I'm thinking it might be better to implement this vertically with a scrolling game area, rather than side-to-side.
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