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Phones With Buttons!!!


Posted by doctorclu, 30 September 2017 · 238 views

SMARTBOY Adding to the tactile experience, here is where you can have a device to connect to Android phones.  This borrows the screen to play the Gameboy and Gameboy Color games.  No Advance games yet that I'm aware of.   Still pretty cool.

Adding a Keyboard (and Screen Magnification in a low tech way)

Posted by doctorclu, 31 December 2016 · 304 views
Android, cell phone and 2 more...
Our story today starts with me using a phone without buttons.   Yes, it drives me nuts.   What happened was naturally I needed a phone with a good data plan and my phone carrier at the time was all like "no, we don't have a better data plan, sit down, keep using our outdated service and keep sending us money."
So I moved network...

The Ultimate File Explorer (2009)

Posted by doctorclu, 06 July 2015 · 121 views

So today I was going to write an article for this blog about generally the tactile feel you simply don't get from a tablet or touch device, and when I pulled up my blog here was this article I started to write.   Wow.
Yeh the SGH-a727 was a phone I really enjoyed there for a bit.   Suffice to say I had to move on, but...

Phones with Buttons - Introduction

Posted by doctorclu, 03 July 2015 · 1,245 views

This blog is about what I like in a portable device.  Small, functional, full of buttons for quick access to what I need.   And this blog explains how I got to where I am today after trying other form factors and concepts.
I have not yet found myself in the current situation where I bought a tablet for a phone . ...

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