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My Panasonic 42 PLASMA shorted out

Posted by Cafeman, 25 October 2017 · 194 views

Of all the strange timing. I hooked up my Atari Xegs to the VCR with RF cable, which is hooked up to the hdtv's video input. You see, I finally programmed Adventure II XEGS onto my first Atari max cart and was planning to start real hardware play testing. At first I just popped in Jungle Hunt. Had truly awful connection, lots of static. Then... the hdtv went black. Now it's giving a 14 blink code. I can't believe the old hardware had anything to do with the problem but since it's the first time I have ever hooked it up to this TV, my suspicions were nagging me. But no burn smells or problems with the vcr or XEGS so I assume it was just time for this 2011 TV to have a problem.


Now I have to balance fixing it, vs just buying a new hdtv at Walmart. I think I will check Craigslist for some old CRT so I can play and test my Atari stuff that way too.

See if there is a freecycle in your area and put in a Wanted post.


I feel your pain, the backlight died in one of my HDTVs recently.  Fortunately there was a warehouse sale on the next weekend and I picked up a refurb 48" Sony for C$400.

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Actually, I stopped at Jake's Haggle Hut, and bought a Visio 19" hdtv for $50. It has all the inputs ... even Svideo, plus headphone jacks. I'll test an that for now. I took the Plasma to a local shop to get checked out.
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$175 to fix the bad board. I like my plasma, and this is cheaper than buying a new HDTV and I am not in the mood to research TVS right now anyway. I should get the Plasma back midweek.

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Plasma is back in business and just like new!
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