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Important people who shaped the TI 99/4A World

Scott Adams

Posted by Davvel, 21 December 2015 · 840 views
Scott, Richard, Adams, Return, to and 2 more...
Scott Adams Scott Adams is a familiar name in the TI community, outside of this community one could mix him up with the other Scott Adams who writes comic strips about Dilbert and although they are both story tellers in some way our Scott is not just a story teller but an expert coder and creator of the adventure style games.  ...

Jacques Groslouis - The man who kindled the need for a TI-99 Hall of Fame

Posted by Davvel, 08 December 2015 · 581 views
TI-99 Hall of Fame, HOF, Jacques
Jacques Groslouis - The man who kindled the need for a TI-99 Hall of Fame I do not know Jacques myself, but I am compiling information from all sources to this one central blog.
The following is an excerpt from "orion1052003" :
Jacques Groslouis was a member of the TI99 HOF, or TI-99 Hall of Fame. He was active on the TI groups such as Atariage, TI group #1, TI group #2, etc. He wrote the article "Using RANDOMIZE...

The great Gazoo (Tony Knerr)

Posted by Davvel, 22 November 2015 · 807 views
Tony Knerr, XB 2.7, Gazoo
The great Gazoo (Tony Knerr) I urge anyone reading this blog to post comments and add material that would remind us of great people who shaped the world of TI 99/4A.
I have only recently started to learn about the rich history of the TI as I had put my TI on a shelve for 30 years, but a month ago I wondered why I should not try to turn it on and start reliving my childhood....

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