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Project 65XE: Little Time Little progress

Posted by Osgeld, in Project 65XE 22 August 2017 · 256 views

Having worked all weekend to meet a deadline (great thing about engineering, flexible schedule bad thing about engineering, hard as nails deadlines) and most of Monday spent doing yard work and prepping for the eclipse photography session my wife dove deep into (and I am glad for that, she needs a more involved hobby) along with prior commitments, I hardly had a chance to do anything to the 65XE. 
the main input filter cap seemed a little sketch and there was some corrosion around that area I decided it would be in my best interest to replace all the electrolytic's on the board. Since I was at work and we have a large selection of high quality, high temperature, automotive grade capacitors, I snagged what I needed and did the entire board. 
When I turned the machine back on I noticed my color hue was now completely wrong and the picture got quite a bit sharper (I am still using a composite hook up), and I have been reading about "super video upgrades" to the XL line, and even found a guide to do a similar setup on the XE machines. I did that upgrade and the difference is...
totally un-noticeable, that was a great waste of an evening (evening being about an hour I have tween baby bedtime and my bedtime) ... so I still have a bit of a flat color, and some jailbars (in comparison to the 400 I JUST did) the biggest difference being placing fresh modern good quality caps which crisped up the image quite well.  I can already hear the gallery shouting UAV and VBXE, well I am an engineer, and while I could take this 30$ machine and add 300$ worth of mod boards into it, I don't want to. 
I am already laying out a 512k rambo compatible board, a dual pokey board (maybe with covox, I haven't really seen a benefit), a internal SIO2SD board, whats another AV board as I have plenty of room on the panel so far, and the whole shitbang including parts is less than a UAV + simple stereo including postage.
Anyway, I have a second Pokey on its way, getting a shopping cart together from mouser, and getting ready for this weekend where the freshly washed case will undergo a liquid retrobrite treatment