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Dust of Broken Heart -OR- Excuses, excuses, excuse ME!

Posted by Papa, 21 May 2017 · 77 views
I Love Eva, I love Lilith and 1 more...
Dust of Broken Heart -OR- Excuses, excuses, excuse ME! <----my third daughter Phoebe painted this image of Papa
Just remember...
"Love Sorsha? I don't love her! She kicked me in the face! I HATE HER!"  
and who does he get hooked up with in the end? SORSHA!
I have to post about Eva and how mu...

Mechs Again Stand Off! VCS, 7800, SEGACD

Posted by Papa, 19 May 2017 · 78 views
your mother
Mechs Again Stand Off    By.  Jason Caraway    5/19/17  (game poem, concept, and title)
It's been a blog in a spell that wasn't about my living hell
A glint of the past popped out my ass and rang the idea bell
I listed out between the whirlpool of was and what was not
My glimpse wa...

This IS my diary -OR- The Eye Of Sorrow

Posted by Papa, 17 May 2017 · 104 views
Jason, Caraway, everyone, loves and 5 more...
This IS my diary -OR- The Eye Of Sorrow SO!
  While Lilith is getting her teeth ripped out like a 'G', I'm treated to a taste of my pre-vacation life for a bit.  The quietness returns.  Everything is systematic.  Feed and change kids, activate jester mode and lecture and entertain until the predetermined time for shows (on day's when shows are being watched), 10 AM....

More Powerful Than Any Man -OR- I Give You... Lilith!

Posted by Papa, 16 May 2017 · 108 views
just, told, them, to and 1 more...
More Powerful Than Any Man -OR- I Give You... Lilith! When I talk about being tempered to my wife I am reminded of the whacks, whippings, terrors, slaps, bullying, heartbreaking that leads you to accept pain (my childhood is getting written.  'sall there is to it.).  I've had a wrongly prescribed amount of medicine drop me on the ground night after night with every muscle cramping at once in the fe...

The Previous Poet is Sacked -OR- He's Got Nuts

Posted by Papa, 15 May 2017 · 129 views
even, moore, poetry, meh
The Previous Poet is Sacked -OR- He's Got Nuts My first few poems were assignments in high school.  I wrote a poem for what was supposed to be an anthem for Australia, which had not yet been colonized and we were the colonizers (in the assignment, smart a$$).  Tons of poems later I've come up with an automatic style that speaks rapidly (not rap, though) and then explains back to me in torren...


Posted by Papa, 13 May 2017 · 193 views
another fucking poem, and another
Another F#CKING POEM -OR- Another F#CKING POEM *
DO NOT       by Papa
When I talk
No one listens
So whoever
No one is
They've heard
a lot
When I sob
it only glistens
to whoever
no one is
and I am not
When I play
my heart...

Parasites in Sushi? -OR- The Least Hairy Place (and that's a good thing)

Posted by Papa, 12 May 2017 · 98 views
completely, unrelated, title and 3 more...
There is a selfishness in the forcing of groups.
  -Silfeather Opa <---Opa Opa
 Hell is always wishing for war, while Heaven is always at war to keep life.
The loneliness of the dead compels hell to peace (nothing) while creation's
battle for life assures a continual war in the higher universe.
Peace in Heaven is the lac...

A-jove-uh -OR- Time is the devil!?

Posted by Papa, 08 May 2017 · 119 views
stop motion animation and 4 more...
A-jove-uh -OR- Time is the devil!? This probably won't summon things...

I will likely snap out of my funk one of these years and crust out some more animation.  You can see varying degrees of quality and effect.
My first work revolved around Lego blocks.  I have several transforming warplane/spaceplane mode...

All These Things that I've Done

Posted by Papa, 07 May 2017 · 221 views
atari age, free, download and 3 more...
All These Things that I've Done These are the downloads I've offered for people to try on their Harmony carts with real hardware. 
My programming style is odd and eccentric, so results in emulation will vary and usually be negative.
 This is a screensaver like demo of an adventure/minigames cart I'd like to finish using the Multisprite kernel


Linear Poetry -OR- Before Waking Hephaestus

Posted by Papa, 07 May 2017 · 97 views

Light               by J. Caraway
The light from Earth's past
is floating through space
and from man's unknowing
machines give it chase.
They can't catch beginnings
or endings we know
But soon they're receiving
the first picture show--
A black and white take
of a cowboy an...