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Don't Fear the Weeper - OR - IT'S BAXTER!

Posted by Papa, 18 March 2017 · 87 views

not cat hat

After finding out that I'm a scary good poet I decided to try my hand at comedy.  This is, after all, BAD COMEDY!!
A man dies and goes to heaven.  The angel says it's time for him to be resurrected!  What do you want to do in your next life?  He answers "I just love watching nymphs in the field in their folly!"!  The angel says that he can make him a man again.  No problem.  He replies.."NO! NO! NO!  Whatever you do don't make me a man.  They suck.  That would suck!"!  The angel, confused, asks if he does truly wish to watch the nymphs all the time?  He nods.  "I just want to watch them.  I don't need anything more than that!  Only Hebe, if you may!"!  The angel contemplates this for a moment.  I've GOT IT. 
The man is then turned into a cat who sits in a seat all day and watches Hebe wish for Heracles.  Does the sea spray as it may?  Does that cat come out and play?  Has he had his fill of fish and dill?  Does he make you pay?
I never leave my home.
I am a threat to no one. 
I've seen peoples faces on posters in CA for animal abuse, though.  I've seen that they are inputted into a registrar.  I wonder if sentient beings can contest to being sprayed?  I wonder if we live in the Netherlands!?   
I'll clear off a place..
tick, tock
I cried so hard when nobody got the parabolic multi-tiered meanings of my love poems.  They were never meant to be threatening.