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Mechs Again Stand Off! VCS, 7800, SEGACD

Posted by Papa, 19 May 2017 · 81 views

your mother

Mechs Again Stand Off    By.  Jason Caraway    5/19/17  (game poem, concept, and title)
It's been a blog in a spell that wasn't about my living hell
A glint of the past popped out my ass and rang the idea bell
I listed out between the whirlpool of was and what was not
My glimpse was of a giant bot, a fixed glare battle a hundred hot
Not with guns or swords alone, but intellectual prose
Till it's down to metal bone and two bent clangers nose to nose
Yes now, a good tale from what had happened then
When my truest love eternal mixed within me nothing zen
But more again about my stillness, ecstatic android
Till you can take no more thinking and slump down annoyed
We humble no more silence, having robot gauntlets wrought
As if an action had ensued more than fingertips thought