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Doctor Clu's Dissertations

Why can't things be black and white? How about black and grey?

Posted by doctorclu, 19 February 2017 · 193 views

Why can't everything be black and white? That question got me thinking.
In a LARP I am part of a fighter company or family where the colors black and grey and from the above question I realize how true to life those colors area.
First off nothing is ever optimal or perfect which we'll assign the color white.  White or godlike perfecti...

Getting Things on the Internet That Maybe We Shouldn't :P

Posted by doctorclu, 14 February 2017 · 143 views

Today I saw Bill Kendrick get his Atari 1200XL on Facebook .
"Posting via my Atari 1200XL (telneting to my Linux laptop, and running Links browser to visit FB mobile site). Did it work!?"

Honestly, if I had to connect up the Intellivision today, and I've been thinking about doing it again for fun BECAUSE I CAN :P , I would need to d...

My First 40 Years of Computing

Posted by doctorclu, 22 January 2017 · 153 views

I was asked what got me interested in the Atari and later what got me to move onto other computer platforms.
So this is my story:
1977 - Dad had the Sol Terminal 20.   Cool machine.   Lots of Trek80 and Targ played.
-------- We got a Sears Telegames system, which got us into Atari stuff.
1980 - Sold newspaper subscripti...

7800 vs. XEGS: What Was It Like in the 80s?

Posted by doctorclu, 06 January 2017 · 151 views

Wrote a my experience in a thread of what it was really like in the late eighties in the Dallas area.  You can read the story here:

Ron Glass known on Barney Miller and Firefly dies at age 71.

Posted by doctorclu, 26 November 2016 · 251 views

"Ron Glass , who shot to fame with his role on the television series Barney Miller , has sadly died at the age of 71.  The actor died on Friday (November 25) after a battle with various illnesses, his rep told TMZ ." 
More from this TMZ article here .

Atari Flashback Portable - My thoughts so far...

Posted by doctorclu, 17 November 2016 · 224 views

So some things I've learned since yesterday as I've been testing roms on the Portable with guys on Atariage.com
1) The unit I got was a early unit. I had a new version of Space Invaders and Jungle Hunt (both Taito titles) which will not be on the later models. SCORE!!
2) Everyone is sold out of these (even the producing company) for a few more we...

My Review on Zool 2 for the Atari Jaguar

Posted by doctorclu, 16 November 2016 · 204 views

My Review on Zool 2 for the Atari Jaguar Here is what I had to say about Zool 2 for the Atari Jaguar:

The Planet Boldlygo

Posted by doctorclu, 05 November 2016 · 187 views
Star trek, boldlygo and 2 more...
On my Facebook page my profile picture was altered with the Star Trek 50th anniversary theme.  I had all these four themes made into memes before that event passed.  At the bottom of the pic it says “TO BOLDLY GO" https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10153974375173651&set=a.426260258650.199598.513018650&type=3&permPage=...

DON'T GO NEAR THE MARTIAN WATER! (Seriously, it's against the law.)

Posted by doctorclu, 05 November 2016 · 191 views
Water, Mars, Europa, Saturn and 3 more...
We have an international treaty not to explore water on other planets in fear of Earth germs and bacteria contamination. Had that treaty since 1967.
Alright, call me daft if you want, but I did not know this. All these years of all the Mars missions hitting everywhere BUT the polar caps and me going "Yeh, that's is cool, now how about the ca...

Friends for a reason, a season, and a lifetime.. with Facebook.

Posted by doctorclu, 21 September 2016 · 272 views

So as a friend of mine said tonight, people are brought into our life for a reason , a season , and a lifetime .
Facebook brings all our friends together in one place, giving new definition of the above statement.
A Reason : Ok, I remember the REASON why we stopped talking....
A Season : Conversation goes something like this....