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The Planet Boldlygo

Posted by doctorclu , 05 November 2016 · 388 views

Star trek boldlygo Boldly go where no one planet

On my Facebook page my profile picture was altered with the Star Trek 50th anniversary theme.  I had all these four themes made into memes before that event passed.  At the bottom of the pic it says “TO BOLDLY GO"




On my profile pic someone left the comment:


"Why havent they ever been to boldlygo hahaha


This is a good and valid point.  Apparently other people on the internet are asking the same question:




This is why I hope in some Star Trek story, someday, the crew visits a planet named Boldlygo.   If we can have a dwarf planet named MakeMake certainly we can have a planet Boldlygo.  Just sayin’.


And then they can go to Boldlygo… where no one has gone before.