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My Experiences with the Atari TT030 Computer

Posted by doctorclu, 15 October 2017 · 686 views

My Experiences with the Atari TT030 Computer

On a forum someone was looking for a Atari TT030 computer.
I had a TT030 from 2000 till 2006-ish.  Even made a Youtube video of my TT030 or even two (which maybe had the better music) towards the end to capture some of the fun of the TT030 and its modplayer.   Before I go into my reply, I will say this about the TT030: for a while in 2000 I was using the 030 as my primary machine and even had CAB as a web browser for getting on the internet.  At the time my Macintosh was a 68040 computer, so setting aside the Mac I was using was not so hard.
I remember enjoying:
1) Spectre GCR.  I was able to play a lot of games and utilities that were under System 6.08.  So that meant Z-Term, Creepy Castle, the tank game Spectre, Rescue (Star Trek game) and a few others.
2) Battle of Britian - Their Finest Hour.   Lucas Film games were some of the few that were programmed properly and did not break when used under the 030.  And great when sped up.
3) Freeze Dried Term - Great ANSI term program on the ST/TT
4) CAB - Pretty good web browser with no java support back in the day.
So what made me move on from the TT030?
Read on...
Fun machines.   I've had two.   I called them the equivalent of the Atari 800 for the Atari 8 bits in that the TT030 has all the expansion slots.  Plus it has raw power.  All and all, the TT030, which you can pile on Video cards, piles and piles of memory (had one of mine at 256 mb ram at one point) is bottlenecked by:
1) What can use regular and fast ram.
2) What is Compatible of the ST software as most software was written specifically with dirty hardware tricks for earlier hardware.
3) Juggling screen resolutions.
Oh BTW, some really boss screen resolutions, good luck getting the right monitor adaptors to make you of "TT-High Monocrome"  :P
At the end of the day the potential is a lot of the time wasted on a computer that already had a small library being part of the ST platform (in comparison to the PC and Mac platforms) which is then reduced by the hardware limitations and odd tug of war between at least four operating systems!
Or that was my experience with the TT030 from 2001 to 2005.
Oh, and everyone loves the Falcon and F#$% the TT030 when it came to hardware upgrades. 
Blah.   If you don't find a TT030, you've dodged a bullet.  Cool computer, but one frustrating bullet in the long run.

I wouldn't mind that... its like a 2.2v TI.

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