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RealSports Curling

Posted by AverageSoftware, 17 May 2017 · 114 views

Well, look at that.  What is it, you ask?
Just a memory dump of location $600.  $600 is the scratch area that I'm using for the scoring algorithm.  If you don't know, curling scoring works as follows:
The team with the closest rock to the center of the rings scores one point, plus one additional point for each of thei...

RealSports Curling

Posted by AverageSoftware, 01 May 2017 · 151 views

Haven't posted here in quite a while, since I haven't anything worthwhile to show.
My real job has been very busy lately, and I've also been devoting a lot of time to a PC game project so RealSports Curling was back-burnered for a bit.  I have some interesting things put together now that should help move development along.
The big thin...

RealSports Curling

Posted by AverageSoftware, 11 February 2017 · 248 views

I'm releasing what I call a "shooting demo" to get some feedback.
This build allows you to shoot all 16 rocks in a single end of curling.  The physics are in a first draft state, they basically work but still need a lot of tweaking.
Shooting is performed in three steps:
First, you set the aim.  In the following screenshot, t...

RealSports Curling

Posted by AverageSoftware, 02 February 2017 · 161 views

No new pictures, since my recent work hasn't really produced any visual changes.
I now have boundary detection in place, so rocks that hit the edge of the sheet will be removed and the game will advance to the next shot.  I also enforce a foul (loss of shot) if the player doesn't release the rock before the front hogline.
This is all gr...

RealSports Curling

Posted by AverageSoftware, 18 January 2017 · 206 views

Well, look at this:

I've got the rocks slowing to a stop now, and the logic correctly proceeds to the next shot.  Here you can see a yellow rock that was already thrown, with a red one coming up behind it.
Of course, the yellow shot would be removed in a real game since it didn't reach the far hogline, but I don't have that wor...

RealSports Curling

Posted by AverageSoftware, 29 December 2016 · 179 views

The scrolling on the lower ice sheet is now almost completely implemented.

In this screenshot, the current rock has scrolled all the way to the end of the sheet and the screen has scrolled appropriately.  The rocks along the top of the ice are there for reference.
This was both easier and harder to pull off than I anticipated....

RealSports Curling

Posted by AverageSoftware, 13 December 2016 · 167 views

As usual, real life and other projects have been slowing me down a bit, but I finally got the shooting mechanisms in place.

All three elements of the shot selection are in this screenshot, although the look of them is of course subject to change.
The first step in shooting is aiming at a point on the hogline.  This is what that...

RealSports Curling

Posted by AverageSoftware, 17 October 2016 · 317 views

Other projects and my real job have been keeping me away from this project, but I've made some interesting progress.
 I have the first bits of interaction in place, the aiming cursor is now active and can be moved with the joystick.  I'm planning a 3-stage shot system. First, you aim across the hogline, similar to the way Intellivis...

RealSports Curling

Posted by AverageSoftware, 17 September 2016 · 244 views

Did some more line work on the sheets.  There's now a center line, and I have the hogline on the other end.

You can also see the hacks on the left.
Due to sprite limitations, I don't think I'll be able to put the rings on the shooting end.  That's OK, since they have no function on that side, in effect I have a one-sided c...

RealSports Curling

Posted by AverageSoftware, 03 September 2016 · 264 views

Well, I managed to put the handles on the rocks.

Those two pixels were really hard to pull off, and I'm still not entirely satisfied with the routine I wrote to do it.  This is now the third version of the rock drawing subroutine, and hopefully it's the last one.
It now handles both player colors as well as eight possible handl...

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