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RealSports Curling

Posted by AverageSoftware, 17 November 2017 · 389 views

I've now finished the last of the major changes to the shooting system, and the curl application phase is now much simpler and more effective.
Screenshot, November 17th, 2017

The original curl phase of the shooting process involved an ugly gauge that you used to apply curl in various degrees.  This just didn't work well at all, so now it's very simple: you curl up, you curl down, or you don't curl at all.
In the screenshot you can see the little red arrow indicating the selected curl direction.  Simple, fast, and to the point.  It works great.
Now that shooting has been greatly improved, I need to turn my attention to the numerous collision bugs.  Some of these have already been fixed, but I have a lot more research and testing to do before I can nail them all.  When I'm satisfied with that, I plan to release a shiny new demo.
I also took the time to do something that I failed to do with Ratcatcher, and that's watermark the ROM with some kind of version identification.  I now have a string embedded 256 bytes from the end of the ROM that can be dumped to check the build.  For the moment, it just says  "Development build" but this will changed to reflect whatever release I ship.

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