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RealSports Curling

Posted by AverageSoftware, 03 April 2018 · 351 views

So I have some nifty non-gameplay related things to show off.
The first is my fantastic title screen:
RealSports Curling title screen

I made the logo by firing up the GIMP, finding the fanciest looking font I could, and then just typing out the word "Curling."  I then scaled it down to Atari 5200 resolution.
I painstakingly converted the first two letters into binary, pixel by pixel, before realizing there was a better way.  It turns out that GIMP can output images as C header files, so I started dumping the individual letters this way and wrote a quick and dirty C program to output the data in the assembly format I was using.  Great!
There's also a snazzy animation connected to the title screen, but I'll save that for my next ROM release.
I also have this plain looking, but very important screenshot:
RealSports Curling license screen

Like Ratcatcher before it, RealSports Curling is fully open-source, under the GNU GPL3 license.  This means that the source can never be hidden, and will be available to anyone who wants it for eternity, give or take a few years.
This is something that's very important to me as a developer.  I want my code out there for people to use, and if someone manages to learn how to write 5200 games from my code, I think that would be the best feeling in the world.  I'm not claiming that my code is great or anything, but it's certainly better than Ratcatcher was and I think it's helpful to have complete games out there for aspiring programmers to look at.

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