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-^CroSBow^-'s Hardware Videos

Complete Roland MT-200 Basic Tutorial and Guide

Posted by -^CrožBow^-, 18 March 2018 · 283 views

In this 3 video series, I go over the basics and understanding of the Roland MT-200 sound module. It is an excellent multifunction sound module that can act as both a sequencer and sound module. This means that in addition to being a very nice general MIDI and Sound Canvas sound module, it also has the ability to record MIDI songs from the MIDI in port an...

Roland MT-200: How to configure, install, and use a GoTEK Floppy Emulator

Posted by -^CrožBow^-, 13 March 2018 · 353 views

As some might know by now, I've got an MT-200 that I picked up over a month ago now. Really cool little device from Roland that was originally intended for use in teaching music. But these devices have the ability to play back midi files through built in disk drives that use IBM formatted 3.5 inch disks. They can also be used as sound modules and with mod...

BK 1474 O'Scope Introduction

Posted by -^CrožBow^-, 23 October 2017 · 355 views

I am only a hobbyist and NOT an electrical engineer. As such I'm sure my terminology and explanations of things will be off or perhaps completely wrong. As such, please let me know in comments on such mistakes as it helps me and all others who might view this video to learn.
With that, this is my basic intro to my BK 1474 O'scope that I got some ti...

Intellivision - 2609 - Capacitor Replacement Video

Posted by -^CrožBow^-, 21 October 2017 · 483 views
Intellivision and 4 more...
Intellivision - 2609 - Capacitor Replacement Video Been doing a few composite AV mods on client intellivisions. Though I would video the process I go through for doing a capacitor replacement. I'm working on trying to get the videos down to be more watchable in smaller amounts of time but perhaps too much compression on time is used in this video?
Big special thanks to Adan Toledo for his permissio...

Atari 5200 DC/DC converter.....conversion

Posted by -^CrožBow^-, 06 April 2017 · 494 views

Replaced the original 7805 regulators from my atari 5200 recently and installed a pair of DC/DC switching converters in their place. In this video I show the power measurements from the original 7805 and from the DC/DC converters. Next up with be the Intellivision once I get additional parts in.

Sega Master System Voltage Regulator Mod/Upgrade

Posted by -^CrožBow^-, 02 April 2017 · 613 views

I've been working with DC to DC buck converters lately on a few of my classic consoles. Here is a detailed video of the process wherein I change out the 7805 voltage regulator on my SMS with a Traco Power DC/DC +5 converter. I show some numbers using my Kill-a-Watt before and after to give an idea on the differences. With the SMS the differences weren't n...

Replacing Capacitors on the Game Gear. It is a requirement in these days and times!

Posted by -^CrožBow^-, 03 February 2017 · 539 views

Finished this up last night. My latest tech video where I go through the process of replacing the crappy capacitors on a Sega game gear. Enjoy!


A genesis va3 Model 1 with proper DAC possible? Yes...yes it is. But....

Posted by -^CrožBow^-, 27 January 2017 · 595 views

So the other night I tackled a hardware upgrade that I had seen mentioned in a youtube video that seemed really interesting. It was a video where a another retro gamer and hardware modder was showing his latest modification using a Yamaha 3438 discreet synth chip to produce the music and sounds in place of the stock Yamaha 2612 that came with the model 1...

Lynx Model 2 - Capacitor Replacement

Posted by -^CrožBow^-, 10 January 2017 · 536 views
lynx, atari, poor audio and 3 more...
Lynx Model 2 - Capacitor Replacement Just did a capacitor replacement on my Atari Lynx model 2 this weekend. One of my two units was suffering from some nasty audio clipping, distortion and overall low volume. The camera was on a lower quality shooting mode and I did realize until I was done with the filming. I apologize for that but you can still make out enough to get see the overall proce...

Hi Def NES and Capacitor Replacement Installation - Front Loader Pt2

Posted by -^CrožBow^-, 25 November 2016 · 502 views

Part 2 of my detailed video on a capacitor replacement and Installation of the Zimba Labs Hi-Def NES kit that can be ordered through Game-tech.us website.