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Memoirs of a Novelty Account

Back to School

Posted by Rhindle the Dragon, 14 January 2017 · 83 views
Back to School I've moved back into my college apartment. It's pretty nice; I'm proud of how I've kept the living room clean.
After days of fiddling with the configuration of my 1987 Epson Apex, I was able to get both the mouse and joystick to work. Then I installed Windows 1.01. It's a blast.
Also that old map of imperial Germany I ordered came in the mail. It'll go on...

Crappy Poetry

Posted by Rhindle the Dragon, 11 January 2017 · 71 views
Crappy Poetry I didn't have anything special planned for today's entry, but recently I'd been thinking about some of the more cringeworthy poems I've written over the years. What? Of course I'm going to post them here for all the world to see! It's an exercise in confidence. What are people gonna do, cyberbully me for being a crappy poet? Ha! what a joke.
The fo...

Two Fries and a Hamburger

Posted by Rhindle the Dragon, 07 January 2017 · 97 views
Voltage Regulator, Heavy Sixer
Two Fries and a Hamburger Yesterday my heavy sixer stopped working. I opened it up, thinking it was a connection problem, but reconnecting the ribbon cable did nothing.
I read in a forum post that voltage regulators, when they fail, tend to take a few ICs with them. I replaced the RIOT, and it worked for 30 seconds before dying again.
So... Now I have 2 fried RIOT chips (pictured)...

Additions and Possible Losses

Posted by Rhindle the Dragon, 04 January 2017 · 95 views
Pets, Collections
Additions and Possible Losses Yesterday I received the bundle of 2600 games I had ordered. Pictured here is a few notable additions, as well as my entire library sans the duplicates. As you can probably infer, I'm fond of the text labels. I sat down and played through Superman last night, and I'm glad it was in the lot because it's pretty decent.
My dad gave me a call a few hou...

Thoughts on Rogue One

Posted by Rhindle the Dragon, 31 December 2016 · 103 views
Rogue One
Thoughts on Rogue One Wow, I seem to have tried too hard on Wednesday's entry. Oops!
I know it's a little late, but I had the luxury of seeing Rogue One again on Thursday, and I'm glad I did.
When I saw it on opening night, the CGI Tarkin was super jarring. I wasn't expecting him to have such a big role, and I guess my mind was subconsciously nitpicking his face for fla...

Flying Toasters

Posted by Rhindle the Dragon, 28 December 2016 · 71 views
Flying Toasters I wanted to take today's entry to talk about the importance of speculation in our society.
I'm not one to get overly upset about other people's opinions, but honestly, what's the point in believing in nothing? When did theorizing go out the window?
Does extraterrestrial intelligence exist? It's possible. Does the afterlife exist? Again, it's possible.

Inaugural Entry

Posted by Rhindle the Dragon, 24 December 2016 · 100 views

Inaugural Entry I guess I'm starting a bi-weekly blog, since I have nothing else to do on this site until I decide to pursue my homebrew ideas for real.
Therefore, this blog will cover a variety of topics until then. Hopefully it won't be completely ignored.
Best wishes, and have a Merry Christmas 2016.

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