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Two Fries and a Hamburger

Posted by Rhindle the Dragon, 07 January 2017 · 293 views

Voltage Regulator Heavy Sixer
Two Fries and a Hamburger

Yesterday my heavy sixer stopped working. I opened it up, thinking it was a connection problem, but reconnecting the ribbon cable did nothing.
I read in a forum post that voltage regulators, when they fail, tend to take a few ICs with them. I replaced the RIOT, and it worked for 30 seconds before dying again.
So... Now I have 2 fried RIOT chips (pictured) and a failed voltage regulator. Apparently this is a common problem with the old steel-cage heat sinks, and makes sense because I recently composite-modded the console, putting stress on the VR. I wonder why the online instructions didn't recommend installing a more effective heat-sink?
"We are not liable for any damage done to you or your Atari." Guess that's why.
So if anyone has any suggestions on how to replace the voltage regulator in this particular case, let me know. I'm going back up north, so I won't be able to fix this problem until spring break. Time to focus on the NES I guess.

The factory heat sink is adequate.
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The factory heat sink is adequate.

So I should just get a new VR? Do they make more effective ones?
The regulator got too hot. That's why it failed.
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It was effective for the RF, for sure. But I noticed it was much hotter when powering the AV mod. I might be wrong, but I think it's the source of the problem.
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Well a new regulator may run cooler just because it uses the 21st century manufacturing. Otherwise you need to find the source of high current draw that's causing strain and overheating.


I can't imagine a properly designed and installed AV mod adding too much of a load. It could even be improperly shaped input waveform from the power brick.

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Why not make a troubleshooting thread so that all may benefit from discussion?

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