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The Robot Force

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The Robot Force are the main characters in my stories to various Atari 2600 games. They're a bit like the Atari Force, only they're robots. Two of them are from Cartoon Network/Adult Swim's Toonami block.
Captain TOM
The leader of the Robot Force, Captain TOM is usually the dude in distress. He's an egoistical, bumbling, lazy, and complaining robot. Even though he sometimes acts jerkish to his comrades, he's mastered flying the Absolution. He's very handsome, too. Most of the times when TOM gets kidnapped, his captors turn him into one of their kind. TOM gets very sad and depressed when sick, captured, or in pain.
Commander DAN
The second-in-command. Commander DAN is usually the one to rescue TOM when he's in trouble. He's brave, strong-willed, and avenges TOM's captors, fighting for his friend. He sends data reports on the Absolution.
The assistant and third member of the Robot Force. RUBY is the only girl in the group. She's smart and cares very much about TOM. She knows how to fly the Absolution too, and how to decode radar signals. She often knows the whereabouts of TOM when he's captured. 
So far, they've starred in:

  • Worm War I: Captain TOM, Commander DAN and their lovely assistant RUBY are determined to explore every sector of space. They came across a planet called Teriyaki, which recently became overcome by evil sentient, giant worms that are scheming to conquer it. Captain TOM unfortunately got captured by them and they turned him into a worm. Commander DAN and RUBY learned of Captain TOM's painful transformation, and set off to rescue him. As DAN, you must fight the hordes of worms in order to rescue Captain TOM. This could be Worm War I.
  • Communist Mutants from Space: Captain TOM, Commander DAN, and the lovely RUBY came across the planet Rooskee, where a strange Mother Creature and her army of Communist Mutants dwell. The Mother Creature kidnapped Captain TOM and irradiated him with her malevolent energy, transforming him into a Communist Mutant. With their own lives at stake, Commander DAN and RUBY immediately come to the rescue. As RUBY, you must shoot down all of the Communist Mutants, including a transformed Captain TOM, with your Starpath Supercharger. 
  • Cosmic Swarm: Captain TOM, Commander DAN, and the lovely RUBY arrive at a planet called Waypoint. However, the once-peaceful Waypoint is overrun with giant alien termites! They capture Captain TOM and ferociously bite him, filling him up with their venom which is slowly mutating him into one of their kind! You are Commander DAN, fighting against the termites in hopes of returning Captain TOM to normal. Captain TOM is starting to morph, there’s no time to lose!
  • Encounter at L-5:  Captain TOM, Commander DAN, and their lovely assistant RUBY land at the planet L-5, which is under attack by the evil Megalytes! They abduct Captain TOM and make him their slave. With Captain TOM cleaning spaceship floors, who’s going to destroy the Megalytes? Commander DAN and RUBY will! You control both robots, and the object is to shoot down as many Megalyte ships as possible. Otherwise, Captain TOM will be theirs forever.
  • Fantastic Voyage: Captain TOM has fallen ill to a mysterious, intergalactic disease. As Commander DAN and the lovely RUBY, your objective is to shrink down and enter Captain TOM’s body to destroy the disease, located in his stomach. As the pain becomes more and more intense for Captain TOM, the walls of his stomach close in, and touching the white blood cell lined walls will disintegrate you. This is a matter of life and death — will Commander DAN and RUBY survive, or will Captain TOM stay sick?
  • Galaxian: Captain TOM, Commander DAN, and the lovely RUBY are caught in an invasion of the Galaxians! The evil alien race imprison Captain TOM and challenge Commander DAN and RUBY to save him. You’re RUBY, and you must shoot down the hordes of Galaxians in order to save Captain TOM.
  • Kamikaze Saucers: A race of evil aliens called the Kamikaze have kidnapped Captain TOM. They’ve injected him with a highly contagious lifeform that transformed him into a grotesque space monster. As Commander DAN, you and your lovely assistant RUBY must fight off the Kamikaze saucers in order to cure Captain TOM. Go for it!
  • Killer Satellites: Killer satellites are invading Earth! Their hypnotic, high-pitched frequency has brainwashed Captain TOM and forced him to obey their every command. As the lovely RUBY, you have to use your otherworldly missiles to strike down the satellites so that Captain TOM breaks free of their control. Good luck, RUBY… Captain TOM is counting on you!
  • Laser Blast: Captain TOM has been kidnapped by the malicious Yexxens. With their infectious radiation, they turn him into one of them, making him go through a painful transformation. Commander DAN must bomb their bases, which is where you step in. You control him, using many bombs to destroy the Yexxens’ operations. Will you rescue Captain TOM? Or will he remain a Yexxen forever?
  • Megamania: Where a nightmare becomes a reality! Captain TOM dreams he’s fighting off a horde of weird objects that are coming for him! As Captain TOM, you must shoot them before they reach you. Hopefully you wake up before that happens, or else who knows what they’ll do to you?
  • Plaque Attack: The sequel to Fantastic Voyage, the lovely RUBY now must enter Captain TOM’s mouth to stop painful microscopic bacterial aliens. She has her Plaque-Blaster ready to rumble, which will also clean Captain TOM’s robotic teeth. Will she complete her mission, or will Captain TOM continue to be troubled by this intense pain?
  • Planet Patrol: A team of robots hire Captain TOM to join the Planet Patrol. He accepts, although he misses his crew. You play as Captain TOM, defending your home planet of Earth and fending off alien saucers. If you make it through the day, perhaps they’ll let you leave. So do your best!
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