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Doctor Clu's BBS Trotter

BBS trotting - Thirteenth (13th) Leader, Hard Core, & Wrong Number ][

Posted by doctorclu, 11 June 2018 · 275 views

Thirteenth (13th) Leader BBS
June 8, 2018 pjones1063
   Telnet: 13leader.net:8023 SSH: ipnot.click:8022 Software: Mystic Connection: Telnet Nodes: 24
Location: Vineland, ON, Canada
13th Leader is a reboot of an 8-bit Atari 800 XL  BBS from back in the late 1980’...

Digital Wurmhole

Posted by doctorclu, 11 June 2018 · 264 views

Showed some real promise...

But alas...
telnet> open
(to) digitalwurmhole.ddns.net:2323
telnet: connect to address Connection refused
telnet: connect to address Connection refused
Trying 2620:118:7008::1064...
telnet: connect to address 2620:118:70...

Dark Realms

Posted by doctorclu, 23 January 2017 · 366 views

Telnet: darkrealms.ca
Location:Toronto, ON, Canada
From the Telnet BBS Guide:
"Since 1994, Darkrealms has served as an on-line roleplaying community for the Greater Toronto Area and is one of the worlds largest Renegade BBS’s still remaining. LORD, TradeWars 2002,...

Capitol Station BBS

Posted by doctorclu, 20 January 2017 · 459 views

Capitol Station BBS Capital Station BBS
I was watching Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey over last weekend so naturally when I saw this name I said to myself "STATION!"   (Was a saying of victory based on the scientist/"Martian" named Station)
So Capitol Station BBS first visit...

Asks for English or German first...


Posted by doctorclu, 19 January 2017 · 449 views

  And now... The Prologue...
And there was a creature in the universe, according to the Hithhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, by the name of Bowerick Wowbagger the Infinitely Prolonged  is an immortal being who became immortal after an accident with a few rubber bands, a liquid lunch, and a particle accelerator. After a period of total b...

A Missing Chromosome BBS

Posted by doctorclu, 12 January 2017 · 763 views

A Missing Chromosome
-OR- 717-664-3735 !!
I have a special place in my heart for a BBS that has a dial-up line. There are just a few left, but then there are those that are taking magic jacks and other digital lines and trying to make it callable with a modem.  And what is so funny about it is it is just like the 80'...

A 90ís Manila BBS - Telnet://a90smanilabbs.ddns.net

Posted by doctorclu, 11 January 2017 · 728 views

A 90’s Manila BBS
So fitting that the first BBS I logged into was one in the Philippines.  :D

Ran on a Linux ran setup.  (Always like the Linux Penguin.)  :D

Ah the title screen.  I live for ANSI graphics like this.

Here we have the writing wall....

Around the World in 385 BBSs

Posted by doctorclu, 11 January 2017 · 382 views

So it's 2017 and contrary to popular belief, computer bulletin boards still exist.
Computer Bulletin Board Systems?   Something I've done since 1983, inspired by the movie Wargames with Matthew Broderick that came out during that same year. 
So what is a bulletin board system (BBS)?   Think Facebook or some...

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