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A Missing Chromosome BBS

Posted by doctorclu, 12 January 2017 · 747 views

A Missing Chromosome
-OR- 717-664-3735 !!
I have a special place in my heart for a BBS that has a dial-up line. There are just a few left, but then there are those that are taking magic jacks and other digital lines and trying to make it callable with a modem.  And what is so funny about it is it is just like the 80's.  Last I tried a year or so ago with a lot of tinkering I think 2400 baud was possible.  I'm sure it has gotten better.  But just like the 80's where the modem or phone lines were not up to high speed data transfers beyond 2400 or 4800 so we are looking at that now with the digital lines.  Again, what is old is new again more or less.  :P
So I was sure I had been on a Missing Chromosome in the past.  I used to call all the dial-up BBSs a year or so back.  Had a pots line and everything.  Then I decided to save money and got a digital line.  Didn't really regret it to be honest.
So I called and tried to log in...
Attached Image
And again...
Attached Image
And finally said "oh well" and got a new password the third time.  But I got to see multiple log-in screens.
Attached Image
Gravis is still a big deal on this BBS and I'm not sure why.  You can't hear sound on a BBS at least most of the time.
Attached Image
The log in wall.  Always fun to see what the locals are saying.
Attached Image
The standard "welcome to the BBS" auto message.
Attached Image
The standard Mystic menu.  :P
Attached Image
The local message bases.
Attached Image
What they are talking about.  A lot of the message traffic seemed to average a message every few days.  A good trickle.
Attached Image
The message traffic of an interesting forum called "vintage electronics".
Attached Image
The latest message on that forum.  Usually when you get away from the "general messages" forum the consistency varies.  A message two weeks back is not that bad.  :)
Attached Image
The last ten callers over several days.  Typical to be honest.
Attached Image
A usage chart to show when people generally tend to call the BBS.  These are kinda cool and you'll see them from time to time.
Attached Image
So no door game menu, but they had Blackjack.  Thought I would capture the screen for general interest.
Attached Image
Here are some scores on the Blackjack game.  A few players over the past four years.
Attached Image
There was actually someone else on this BBS when I was there.  I could have chatted with that person while there.  Neat actually.  :D
Attached Image
Attached Image
And the log off screen.  I've seen this guy before.  Some ANSI art that is passed from BBS to BBS.
Overall, the BBS has some life, and I love that it has a dial-up line (didn't test to see if it was still active)
And like all BBSs on this blog I will check back in from time to time to see if I get any responses from the messages I left behind. 
-Doctor Clu

Yeah, I imagine any VoIP based phoneline (e.g. MagicJack) would trash modem audio.  Modems were designed for analog copper connections and the the simple codecs used by old channel based telcos.  The 56K modems actually required a digital connection from the BBS to the digital to analog converter at the caller's end.

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