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Posted by doctorclu, 19 January 2017 · 438 views

Attached Image   And now... The Prologue...
And there was a creature in the universe, according to the Hithhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, by the name of Bowerick Wowbagger the Infinitely Prolonged is an immortal being who became immortal after an accident with a few rubber bands, a liquid lunch, and a particle accelerator. After a period of total boredom, especially on Sunday afternoons, he decided to insult everyone in the entire universe in alphabetical order.
Being not immortal, nor as infinitely bored, I have decided to not visit every BBS in alphabetical order.   I would be a month or two before leaving the A's.   No, if I should not complete this task of visiting all the existing BBSs in the world, at least let it BE said that I was not alphabetist.   (Alphabetist is like racist, but against treating all letters of the alphabet equally.)
That said, I will now move on to the letter B, and tomorrow C, and so forth.   Or maybe I'll just visit a BBS as it is brought to my attention and then go back to some assemblance of order.  
(Yes, please do mention your favorite BBS and I'll pay it a visit.)  ;)
So today is the B4BBS
Attached Image
Hey a  BBS from London!   How ironic that I had the Up Pompeii and Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy references since they are both British shows!!  :D
This is about where my joy ended on this visit.  :/
Attached Image
Tried to leave a validation message on the BBS.   It would not create a new line.  I had to erase what I had to abort the message.  It flagged me that I needed to leave a message to be validated.  What could I do.  I tried again, the system locked up, had to log back in.
On the second go around I was able to see the menu and message areas..
Attached Image
Attached Image
The game menu...
Attached Image
Part of the BBS link.  I think the Manilla BBS is linked to that too.
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
And yes I was already there.  
So I played as a new character "Doctor Clu" and got halfway through the game before the system locked up.  When I tried to log back in to try other terminal programs to see if I would have any other luck with the message posting, the BBS would not let me back in.
Normally a BBS experience is not this frustrating, but with 386 more BBSs out there, I probably won't be revisiting the B4BBS.
Good luck B4BBS, hope you work out your technical problems.
-Doctor Clu

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