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Cranston's Farm

Posted by jacobus, 06 October 2017 · 285 views

This is a project I started (in BASIC) way back in the early 80’s and put aside for many years.  I recently found the original code, and after having a good laugh decided it would be an excellent project to re-write in Quick.
The concept is simple – you’re an 18th century farmer dropped onto a forty acre/field grant of land and you...

Zombie Attack!

Posted by jacobus, 04 April 2017 · 421 views

I released an early (too early from some of the reviews) version of this game around six months ago.  Since then a lot of things have changed – more of the game runs in the VB allowing for much smoother animations and responsiveness.   If a mob is hit with a non-lethal attack (happens more in later levels) they will get knocked back i...


Posted by jacobus, 03 April 2017 · 348 views

Almost ready for primetime, Imp is now mostly lacking in completed levels.  I had originally planned for 10 to 12, lowered that to 8 and am finding an infinite number of distractions that prevent me from working on them.  (all the levels are roughed in right now, I'm working on populating the extras - mana, barrels, arrows, etc - all the pickup...


Posted by jacobus, 02 April 2017 · 301 views

Part 1
My household's content of quivering lips and sad eyes finally reached critical mass recently and prompted the purchase of a pet.  Since mom is deathly allergic to anything with fur (and the kids are too, but they'd never admit to it), we had limited choices.  Fish are fine but they don't seem to to enjoy cuddling very much, and birds are...

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