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DarQ Massacres' Atari 2600 collection

eggomania, tennis, starmaster and yars' revenge

Posted by DarQ Massacres, 18 June 2017 · 302 views

so, some more new editions that bring my total game count to 59.
I got tennis and starmaster because I want to get all the activision games first
yars' revenge because it has been too long that I haven't owned it already
and eggomania because it looks different.
eggomania has a messed up label, but all the others are in good condition

new games; fast food and space cavern

Posted by DarQ Massacres, 30 May 2017 · 247 views

bought a few new games today to add to the collection, bought space cavern due to it's cheap price and simple gameplay, hoping to max/roll it within a short time. and fast food because it is one of the current games in the HSC for 2600.


Posted by DarQ Massacres, 20 May 2017 · 325 views

so, to sum up my collection to this point, my hardware, I currently own an Atari 2600 jr, an atari brand controller, and off brand controller (not in pic), a set of paddles, and another star raiders video touch pad.

from now on, all updates to this blog will be new items to my collection, so everything here is every atari item I own (besid...

The Boxes

Posted by DarQ Massacres, 20 May 2017 · 269 views

so, with the collection of loose games I also have a small collection of boxes and boxed games.
I own the single boxes for Chopper Command, Atlantis, and Centipede.

I also own Pac-Man and Star Raiders complete in box

I have 2 games currently that are sealed in box, even though they have no value really I still like having them
they are...

all the loose ones

Posted by DarQ Massacres, 20 May 2017 · 245 views

as per my last post I am collecting an abundance of atari 2600 games, (even if I only have 53) but here they are in all their glory!

this is every loose cart I own in my collection all in one case

these three carts are doubles I have of loose games, the joust I bought a new one because of it's condition, star raiders I think I own 3 copi...

the collection so far and a welcome!

Posted by DarQ Massacres, 19 May 2017 · 341 views

the collection so far and a welcome! welcome one and all to my amazing page*
*please note may not be that amazing
here I will supply a full list of all atari 2600 games I own as well as a small checklist that will be at the bottom, I will be making posts of any new additions to my collection so follow me along on my journey to 705!
below is a number checklist, I will add to eac...

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