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Christmas with Lord Fortescue!

Posted by Bobbety_F, 12 December 2017 · 247 views
wiiu, treasure tracker, nintendo
Going somewhat off piste here, but as it's nearly Christmas, I thought - just this once - I'd post something non-Atari related - Lord Fortescue's Christmas Episode. Bobbety's lost Arabella's present, so he calls on his old chum, Bunty Norris, for help!
I hope you like it. Normal Atari-related service will resume after the twelfth night:-)

A Completely Unnecessary Ranking of My First Ten Patch Conquests!

Posted by Bobbety_F, 28 November 2017 · 278 views

What did I say about my Blog on Seaquest  quickly following my last post!?
I offer instead this link to my most recent video in which I - in the guise of my YouTube character, Lord Fortescue - rank my Patch conquests so far. ‘Top ten’ videos aren’t usually my thing, but this ranking was an itch that needed scratching! And som...

Crocodiles, Cobras and Swamps (Oh My!)

Posted by Bobbety_F, 21 October 2017 · 444 views
Pitfall!, Pitfall and 4 more...
Well, so much for keeping up to date with my blog. Ah well, better late than never...although some may disagree;-)
Pitfall! is the first of my two latest Patch conquests (worry not, my blog entry on the latter  -Seaquest - will swiftly follow!) Would it be fair to say that Pitfall! is the Activision Atari game of which general videogame fan...

Zen and the Art of Playing Laser Blast...and Other Philosophical Musings

Posted by Bobbety_F, 24 September 2017 · 375 views
LAser Blast, Oink!, Megamania and 3 more...
This is something of a beast of a blog post. I meant to write as I went along, documenting each Activision Patch conquest shortly after it happened, but real-life kept getting in the way. This is the main reason I haven’t played along with the rest of AtariAge members on the Summer Patch Quest. While that would have been my preferred way of earning...

My Quest for the Activision Patches!

Posted by Bobbety_F, 20 June 2017 · 530 views
Activision patch, Ice Hockey
My Quest for the Activision Patches! In addition to videos of my Gaming Odyssey, I am also recording my quest for the Activision patches (in virtual form, although I may try to track some of them down on eBay at some point).
I had never heard of these until I happened upon Spider Fighter - which I think might just be the best single screen shooter ever made! – and, through emul...


Posted by Bobbety_F, 31 May 2017 · 497 views
River Raid, Subtitles
Subtitles! It wasn't long after creating my first video, that I decided to add subtitles. This was for three main reasons. Firstly, I think it clarifies the script anywhere my diction is unclear. Secondly, it should help those for whom English is not a first language to know what's going on! Thirdly, I just like to tidy everything up, and nicking and tucking my scri...

The Beginning of my Atari Odyssey!

Posted by Bobbety_F, 29 May 2017 · 485 views
Rediscovering Atari and 1 more...
The Beginning of my Atari Odyssey! In December 2016, after being inspired by several YouTube channels, I decided to have a go at creating one myself. My initial idea  - using the fictional character of Lord Fortescue - was to replay games from my youth. I grew up, and still live, in the UK, and so most games I played were on what we used to call 'micro-computers'! These included Sincl...