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Posted by AlwaysOnPlanetPatrol, 08 November 2017 · 354 views

atari 2600 colection
My Collection
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  • Assorted Cartridges

Started looking at some of the cartridges I have in storage and snapped some pics.  I ended buying a few more carts in the last year and was organizing them a bit differently today.  It includes everything except the Atari and Activision sets (which I'll take up some other day).  I have some boxed games as well.  This is probably half my cartridges?
When I started collecting 7-8 years I quickly honed into the Tigervision and Spectravideo carts, and after so long didn't really get anywhere.  Today I realize that I will probably never own Espial, Gas Hog, Miner 2049er vol II Electric Bogalloo, Bumper Smash, Marauder, and Mangia.  Prices are just too crazy nowadays.   I could have bought many of them at a fraction of today's prices when I saw them but even then I thought it was stupid money.
There are many other titles that I'd like to get and while I am fortunate that I have some spare cash to spend on my hobby, I find that it's too much to get the remaining carts I'd like.  It's always been more like me having something that I never had as a kid and playing the games that I saw in catalogues.  Half the time I have my Harmony cart plugged in so pretty much most if not all these cartridges just are in storage. 
I have some fond memories of getting the various cartridges.  Frogger II cartridge from a local shop in Ajax and getting a reasonable deal.  Traded in a Coleco Frogger II cartridge for a bunch of games in the retro store in Milton (including Quintana Roo).  I bought Spitfire (and a bunch of other games) from a recently-divorced (and probably bored) woman in Whitby who just wanted to chat and made me coffee.  I got Master Builder at a flea market in Lakeland.  Bought the Time Pilot from the fellow middle-aged guy in East York who insisted showing me his Laserdisc set-up while his wife was giving him a hard time about the money he was spending (I know the feeling).  I also remember the time I drove for one hour in rush hour traffic to make to east Scarborough and the guy then wanted to charge me double for the Star Wars Arcade Game (and a few others) because he thought I had money to burn.  Unfortunately from him, I'm never desperate and don't want to deal with assholes.