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All about the Audio Companion

Posted by Bryan, 02 December 2017 · 127 views
Audio Companion, AC, Sound
The Audio Companion board is designed to be a simple way to add high quality sound to Atari consoles and computers lacking a sound output (predominantly the 2600, 5200, 7800, 400). It can also be used in any system as an audio mixer. For example, a stereo Pokey setup can be mixed to a mono output without affecting the separation of the 2 stereo channels....

Install - UAV & AC in the 2600 Jr.

Posted by Bryan, 29 November 2017 · 96 views

Recommended board: Kit (or let me know if you want the Kit pre-assembled for the Jr.)
Instructions are for the NTSC 3-chip version. I don't have access to a unicorn/1-chip or PAL version. Please contact me if you're willing to help expand these instructions. If the C101688 unicorn chip is the same as Warner's 'Jan' chip, then it isn't compati...

Install - UAV & AC in the 400

Posted by Bryan, 25 September 2017 · 203 views

Recommended board:  Plug-In
The 400 has socketed chips including the 4050. The easiest installation is to put the UAV in the 4050 socket, but if you want to keep the RF output, you'll need to solder the socket on top of the 4050 and then mount the UAV on top of it. These instructions should work for NTSC and PAL systems.


Posted by Bryan, 22 September 2017 · 193 views

I know it's been hard to find UAV specifics in a hurry so I'm making a blog to put the most pertinent information in one place. Over the next few weeks I'll be putting up install documentation and links to the best info in the forums.
Now, a little bit about UAV itself. For a long time I've wanted a video upgrade for the A8 computers that would str...

Install - UAV & AC in the 6-Switch 2600

Posted by Bryan, 22 September 2017 · 208 views

Recommended board: Plug-In
The 6-switch 2600 usually has socketed chips, but a soldered in 4050. This isn't a problem though because there's enough room in the shield for a top-mounted socket and Plug-In board, and the 4050 needs to stay anyway as it is used to buffer the joystick triggers (later 2600 revisions don't do this). These instructions s...

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