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Someday it will be mine!

Posted by mykgerard, 14 September 2017 · 262 views
Defender, arcade cabinet
Someday it will be mine! I just wanted to write a quick blog entry here to show my intention of acquiring a Defender Arcade cabinet someday.  This game means to me more than I can properly convey.  My younger brother Joey, and I (he much more than I) played for countless hours on the Defender cabinet that they had on the pediatrics floor of St. John's Hospital in Detroi...

My 5200 games

Posted by mykgerard, 14 September 2017 · 192 views
5200, gamelist, atari 5200
I have 23 of the 69 5200 games.  Here they are:
1 Berzerk
2 Blue Print
3 Centipede
4 Countermeasure
5 Defender
6 Galaxian
7 Gyruss
8 Kangaroo
9 Keystone Kapers
10 Missile Command
11 Pac-Man  
12 Pengo
13 Pole Position
14 Qix
15 Real Sports Baseball
16 Real Sports Tennis
17 River Raid
18 Robotron 2084
19 Space Dungeon
20 Space Invaders
21 Star Ra...

My short but sweet list of 7800 games

Posted by mykgerard, 14 September 2017 · 200 views

My 7800 game list isn't very impressive yet.  I have two systems that aren't currently working which is unfortunate since I really like playing Centipede cooperatively with my daughter and the 7800 port of Centipede is the only one that does this.  I really love Robotron and Kung Fu Master as well and look forward to trying out all of the other...

Retro Gamer Girl and Dad youtube

Posted by mykgerard, 14 September 2017 · 172 views
family gaming, retro
This is the gaming youtube channel I started with my daughter.  We are taking a break until I pass my nursing boards.

Nearing 100

Posted by mykgerard, 13 September 2017 · 224 views

Nearing 100 I'm nearing the 100 game mark for my Atari 2600 vcs collection.  I'm not someone that collects for money or value other than my own enjoyment, gameplay fun and nostalgia.  
Here is my 2600 cartridge list as of today
1 Air Sea Battle
2 Airlock
3 Amidar
4 Armor Amb...

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