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8 bits at a time in the Old Pueblo

Posted by os9dude, 25 September 2017 · 249 views

I guess this is as official as things can get: I have completed my moved from New York City to Tucson Arizona, career and family. It was a lengthy process as I moved early February this year but life things got in the way, there is a broken leg involved due to an accident but all things resolved my relocation is done.
My 8 bit micros are finally setup and running now, two permanent desks: Tandy CoCo 1 and CoCo 3, and a wild-desk / workbench where now I have a TRS-80 Model 4 being retrofitted into a 4D category. Said workbench will also serve to setup my other 8 bits: Commodore (VIC-20, 64, 128 and Plus/4), Apple (IIc and IIe+), other CoCos, TI/99-4As, Ataris (400, 800, STfm), Sinclairs (ZX81, QL) and others.
Have to say the computers are enjoying the warmer dryer weather - I am the one longing for NYC. I was raised in the Nogales border (Arizona and Sonora México) so the SouthWest is familiar territory. Went to the Big Apple on a job as Broadcast Engineer and there I earned my keep over 13 years, looking forward to something less hectic as a work schedule in the Old Pueblo, at least until my kid graduates from college.
Wherever I go the 8 bits will follow  :)

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