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Dream computer - OpEd

Posted by EricBall, 12 September 2018 · 55 views

Via one of the guy's YouTube videos, I happened across http://www.the8bitgu...dream-computer/
Now, not to rain on anyone's parade - but retro dream computers are just that, dreams.
I've been playing with computers since the Apple ][+ days - so I've got plenty of nostalgia for retro computers.  But guess what, when my...

my (100% free) iOS game is on the App Store!

Posted by EricBall, 02 April 2018 · 206 views
I took a day off so I could finally put on my "round-tuit" and get my iOS game into the App Store.
100% free to play. No in-app purchases. No subscriptions. No advertising.  WiFi not required.
30 levels to complete (so far)
Built-in level creator with the option to submi...

PUBG Mobile

Posted by EricBall, 22 March 2018 · 427 views

So last night I played my first game of PUBG Mobile - and survived long enough to reach #34 and made 3 kills.  (And I probably would have done better if the game hadn't glitched and not auto-reloaded my AR.)
I'm old enough to have played Wolfenstein 3D and DOOM; but not Quake because I'd stepped off the upgrade treadmill.  Multiplayer sho...

N64 versus PS1

Posted by EricBall, 19 January 2018 · 279 views

This past Christmas I bought an N64 for my son (and me) to enjoy my collection of games.  (Although the problem turned out to be dirty cartridges rather than a dead N64.)  He's been having a blast playing Super Mario 64 and the Mario Party games.
This nostalgia rekindled my interest in what is under the hood of both it and the original Pl...

iOS game nearing completion!

Posted by EricBall, 16 December 2017 · 225 views
(See previous entries for more info on the game.)
It's surprising what a little motivation and enthusiasm can accomplish.
One big help was I reached out to YouTuber Torogadude and asked if I could use his compositions as background music and he agreed.  Bonus!  I've also added sound effects and knocked a lot of other items off my...

Back working on my iOS game

Posted by EricBall, 01 December 2017 · 280 views
Back working on my iOS game I'm back to working on my iOS game "Slide Tilt Roll"   in preparation to using it for a presentation to some computer students at my son's high school. 
I updated the MacBook to High Sierra, updated to XCode 9, installed XCode 8 to upgrade the code base from Swift 2.2 to Swift 3.0, then used XCode 9 to bring it up to Swift 4.0. ...

DIY microconsole part 2

Posted by EricBall, 07 September 2017 · 340 views

I now have MAME (2003 - 0.78) up and running, woot!  I've loaded up "the best of" from pre-1986, now I need to figure out how to set the controls beyond the defaults.  This also means I can play the originals rather than the console ports.
I'm also working on getting Colecovision running.  I've created a script which creates a playli...

DIY microconsole

Posted by EricBall, 17 August 2017 · 292 views

Bought: Raspberry Pi Zero W, Pro: cheap at C$13.50 (+tax & shipping, case C$6), tiny (65mmx30mm), low power (powered via USB on TV), WiFi & Bluetooth (for controllers).  Con: can only handle 8 bit & 16 bit gen consoles, miniature connectors require special cables (C$6)
On-Hand: 4GB micro-SD card, HDMI cable (dollar store), mi...

Sega Forever suffers from poor emulation

Posted by EricBall, 27 June 2017 · 471 views

For some reason I've never gotten into Sega's consoles.  Sure I've played Sonic, but that's about it.  However, when I heard about Sega Forever, I thought I might give it a try - watch a few ads, play a few games.  But now I probably won't bother....

wav2tia redux

Posted by EricBall, 01 June 2017 · 387 views

So, can the TIA generate speech just using normal AUDC waveforms (versus AUDF based PCM)?
The initial results say no.  Although you can hear some of the inflection.
In the attachment is are two WAV files (one with just a simulated TIA output and one with a the input and output in stereo) along the code & executable I used.

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