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this ain't my first rodeo

Posted by EricBall, 09 January 2017 · 77 views

The lack of interest in creating levels for Slide Tilt Roll has put a serious black cloud over my plans to release it.  Seeking some inspiration, I started watching the Extra Credits "Making Your First Game" YouTube series  But after watching the first two I started to think - what was my first game?
Yes, I created Skeleton / Skeleton+, b...

Wanted - level creators for my iOS game

Posted by EricBall, 21 November 2016 · 223 views

Wanted - level creators for my iOS game The level creator for my iOS game "Slide Tilt Roll" is working.  But before I put the game on the App Store, I need some levels.  Which means I need people to create levels.
Interested?  You need an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch running iOS 9 or later (configured to send email) and a willingness to create levels gratis for my 100% free...

iOS programming - end of line confusion

Posted by EricBall, 14 November 2016 · 121 views
One of the features of my iOS game is a level editor, so users can create their own levels.  The plan is for users to create levels then submit them to me (via email).  I will then take those levels and add them to the application bundle and update the app so everyone gets to play them.
The hard part turned out to be easy and the easy par...

iOS programming - a non-programming roadblock

Posted by EricBall, 07 November 2016 · 135 views
So my iOS game is coming along smartly.  User created levels are now stored in an SQLite database on the device, which can then be selected from a list (complete with icon showing the level).  It's actually getting to the point where I might want to make it available as an ad-hoc download.
For testing, Apple provides three methods to get...

iOS programming - major milestone reached

Posted by EricBall, 21 October 2016 · 181 views
My iOS game has reached a major milestone - I've linked the level creator to the play level so it's now possible to create a level and play it.  In theory a lot of the remaining coding should be relatively standard and therefore easier.
Hopefully I can get my son and a few other friends / coworkers to use it to start creating levels


Posted by EricBall, 18 October 2016 · 131 views

For my iOS programming project I been using sneakernet to try to keep the iMac and MacBook project directories synchronized with limited success.  While XCode has support for Git and Subversion (and will create an local Git repository for tracking local changes), the instructions on how to do the initial setup.  The Apple documentation starts wi...

channels watched versus available

Posted by EricBall, 12 October 2016 · 112 views

A Neilsen report (picked up by USA Today, then by Slashdot) says, on average, people only watch 20 channels of the 200 they are subscribed to.
Is this news to anyone with a normal cable or satellite package?  It's called bundling.  In order to get those 20 channels, they have to subscribe to the 200 channel bundle.**
In my case, my...

iOS programming - battling with UICollectionView

Posted by EricBall, 07 October 2016 · 147 views
In my game I want a level builder.  Users will be able to create their own levels and send them to me for inclusion in a future release.  The UI is fairly simple - a level grid in the top of the screen and the level tiles in the bottom of the screen.  Select a tile then where you want it in the grid.  The tiles are in a scrolling view...

Swift 3 catch 22

Posted by EricBall, 28 September 2016 · 179 views
iOs, Swift
Last night I told myself to stop playing Minecraft and get back to work on my iOS game.  At least start to put together the level editor.  Once I have something partially working I'm much more likely to spend time working on it.
But XCode had other ideas as it had updated.  So when I opened the project, it asked me (twice) whether I...

Home WiFi sniffing

Posted by EricBall, 26 September 2016 · 114 views

Over the years my home internet access (though my cableco) has steadily improved.  However, it's always had a usage cap.  Not a hard cap where it stops working, or even a soft cap where the bandwidth gets downgraded.  Nope, instead I get a usage charge if I exceed it - which I've done occasionally.  The "fix" is to increase my service....