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Laser Vector Display

Posted by EricBall, 26 July 2016 · 66 views

Earlier this month the family and I spent a week camping at (nee Six Flags) Darien Lake - riding roller coasters & other rides plus roasting marshmallows & drinking beer.  Every night DL has a laser & fireworks show set to music.  (Unfortunately the same one every night.)  The laser show part of the show in particular was partic...

Apple ][ copy protection

Posted by EricBall, 23 June 2016 · 394 views

For those interested in Apple ][ copy protection (and cracking of it) I have found two troves of information.
First is the 4am Apple ][ Library at https://archive.org/..._ii_library_4am  Attached to each archive is a text file where 4am describes his cracking process.  In most cases he simply follows the boot process, analy...

4K why?

Posted by EricBall, 08 April 2016 · 539 views

The other day I was browsing a warehouse sale which had a few 4K TVs (but no 3D, which I found interesting), and it got me to thinking about them.  Not because I want one, but strictly on a why? basis.
The local cable company is hyping their 4K TV offering, starting with local baseball and hockey games.  But when I'm watching my 55" HDTV,...

Jupiter Ascending related rant

Posted by EricBall, 19 January 2016 · 512 views

Yesterday I worked from home while my wife watched Jupiter Ascending.  This is a rant about the ending of the film versus the worldbuilding.

The universe of Jupiter Ascending assumes the creation of an immortality serum based on Human Resources  and takes it to a reasonable conclusion: those who control the production of the serum w...

flaws in Force Awakens (spoilers)

Posted by EricBall, 03 January 2016 · 706 views

I saw SW VII last weekend so I could stop worrying about spoilers.
While the Force Awakens is a great movie and a worthy and logical successor to Return of the Jedi, it is not without it's flaws.
First is the Death Star Mark III, complete with last minute destruction (IV & VI) following an attack on the shield generator (VI), a shor...

Pi Zero lust

Posted by EricBall, 07 December 2015 · 555 views

I'm temped to try to do something like https://shkspr.mobi/...box-controller/
The one tweak I would make is to solder the micro USB cable to the controller rather than splicing wires.
But then I have to remind myself of the number of other projects I have in progress, the number of game systems...

2b2t Minecraft - starting a YouTube channel

Posted by EricBall, 22 October 2015 · 630 views
2b2t, minecraft, youtube
I am going to start a YouTube channel  https://www.youtube....8Q81EUkUeSDoUVg  of my 2b2t experience.  My plan is to kill myself so I start back at spawn, then work out from there.  Hopefully passing along a few bits of wisdom for new players and a few laughs.
I'm bringing home a headset from work tonight to se...

2b2t Minecraft - Darwin Award

Posted by EricBall, 19 October 2015 · 527 views
2b2t, minecraft
My second base was semi successful.  While the mine bottomed out into lava, it still yielded a few diamonds and other ores; but no emeralds (not that I've seen a village, where emeralds are used for trading).  I also found an abandoned mine shaft, complete with a cave spider spawner.  Unfortunately, it's difficult to create a automated grin...

2b2t Minecraft continued

Posted by EricBall, 15 October 2015 · 533 views
minecraft, 2b2t
My first plan on my journey away from my book making base was to set up a fresh spawn point.  So I column jumped up to cloud level and created a 7x7 small platform on which I put small pond, melons, wood blocks and my bed (which I slept in to reset my spawn point).  The idea was if I died I would at least have enough food and wood to make a fres...

more 2b2t Minecraft

Posted by EricBall, 13 October 2015 · 471 views
Minecraft, 2b2t
I ended up playing a lot of Minecraft on 2b2t over the long weekend.
Once you get away from the chaos of the spawn area (and turn off the chat) the server becomes remarkably peaceful.  Maybe I'm just travelling a different direction than most, but I've seen very few large builds; although there is still occasional evidence I'm not the first pl...

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