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Tempest 2017 - value of an unfinished project

Posted by EricBall, 27 March 2017 · 476 views


As my wife often reminds me, I have a habit of not finishing projects once I've started them.  (Usually while pointing at one of them.)  I have to say that I've gotten better at managing this habit (although not necessarily at finishing projects).  I try not to start projects, or at least start spending money instead of just time, unless I have a relatively clear understanding of what it's going to take to finish the project (and why I'm bothering).  But i still have quite a few projects hanging around, most with little hope of ever being finished.
One of those is the Tempest MAME project which started in 2004 when I rescued a Tempest cabinet from the curb.  It's actually far closer to completion than many of my projects, i.e. requires more time and effort than money to finish.
But now there's a guy who might be interested in buying it.  While my wife would probably be willing to give it away just to get it out of the (unfinished) basement, I'd probably want to get more than "Twenty-eight dollars and fifteen cents."  (obscure song reference), I'm not sure how much it's actually worth (or worth to me).  Hell, just the control panel is probably worth a couple hundred dollars on eBay (although I suspect that's 90+% of the value of the whole shebang).
Real life ain't like American Pickers - more like those LetItGo commercials.
But there ain't no way I'm going to haul it out of my basement and deliver it.  You want it, you gotta come and take it - and bring your own crew and equipment.

The dog's name is Frank.

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Hey!  Thats 'Classified' information :D


Good luck with your Tempest cab - c'mon, you can finish it! :D

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Yeh finish it!

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Turns out the guy doesn't want it enough to make an 8 hour journey.  But maybe I'll see if I can at least find the time to make up a home stretch checklist for it.

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Any progress on this?


BTW I think Skeleton is super rad!

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Unfortunately working on Tempest never seems to come to mind when I have free time.  I have, however, hooked up a rotated LCD so it's easier to work with out the cabinet.


I'm glad you enjoy Skeleton.  It still ranks up there on my list of personal achievements.

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