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OSMC on RPi0w

Posted by EricBall, 01 October 2018 · 319 views

I have an external drive (5TB in your pocket for US$120 - the mind boggles) to which I've ripped DVDs, including Game of Thrones.  Now that my son is off to college, it might be easier for my wife and I to find the time to watch them.
They play back fine on my wife's MacBook - but its USB ports died so we have to use a DisplayPort adapter, which then precludes connecting it to the big screen TV.  However, the new router has a USB port and can share the drive over the network.  However, it's still a minor annoyance to get it set up.
But then I thought - I wonder if I could use the Raspberry Pi I got for the DIY microconsole.
To make a long story short, the answer is yes.  I did need to spend the $5 to get the MPEG-2 license key to unlock the hardware decoder.  And for some reason the Pi and the TV don't like to be connected directly ("No Signal"), but I have gotten it working through the amplifier (which also gives me 5.1 audio).

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