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slinking down the path to the dark side

Posted by EricBall, 01 May 2012 · 637 views

The other day my wife casually said "my DS". Now, I have to admit that we may have discussed that my son's Nintendo DS was hers since he now has a 3DS, but I hadn't really considered it. The problem is my wife's interest in games doesn't match mine or my son's. And although she has more free time to play, her interest in a particular game can disappear quite quickly. In other words, she's the typical Facebook gamer.

So how to possibly satisfy her needs? Hmm.... I've always wanted a flashcart for the DS. Just for homebrew, of course.... But it would certainly let my wife play games (homebrew, emulated or copied) without spending $$.

After some research via the gbatemp.net forums, I learned there are really only three current options (in order of increasing cost):
1. an R4 clone - which is okay for the DSlite, but won't work on the DSi or 3DS and doesn't support SDHC
2. the R4i Gold or Acekard 2i which support SDHC and be used in the 3DS
3. the SuperCard DSTWO which has an onboard CPU which is capable of running GBA and SNES emulators

The main differences between #1 & #2 are SDHC - which isn't a big deal as 2GB is still plenty of space; and 3DS compatibility - the lack of which could be considered a feature.

So that leaves whether it's worth ~$30 extra to play GBA & SNES games on the 3DS. While both are attractive, paying less than $8 (shipped) for an R4 clone with micro SD card and USB reader is a deal I can't refuse. Plus I can play SNES (and probably GBA) games on my Wii if I really want to.

Why not buy the DS Game Maker kit?
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DS Homebrew Kit: Acekard 2, 2GB MicroSD & DSGM Pro - And All for just $39.

I spent less than $8 (free shipping) for the R4. DSGM Pro is $15 - so I'm ahead by $16.
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My R4 finally arrived this week. I've put on the latest menu software and figured out how to set up an open WiFi access point using my wife's Macbook and started copying my games & saves to the micro SD. I've also installed Lemmings DS for some homebrew fun.

The cool thing is now my son and I will be able to try out the various 2 player games which required two cartridges (versus the download & play minigames).
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