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Buy Me A Coffee!

Posted by vidak, 23 January 2018 · 313 views

Hey. I do a lot of stuff. I do this:  
- Upload my thesis versions and write essays on my blog: bootlickers.party  
- Vlog on YouTube: www.YouTube.com/JollyCommunist  
- Run the Hip Hegelian Memes Facebook meme page: www.facebook.com/goodoldhiphegel  
- Develop Homebrew Communist Atari 2600 Games: http://atariage.com/.../topic/26975...

Happy New Year

Posted by vidak, 04 January 2018 · 236 views

Well, happy new year. 
2017 was a real bastard of a year, but I'm ready to get stuck into 2018. 
Time to get back into coding the Guerrilla Game!

Coming Back to My Home Town for Christmas

Posted by vidak, 18 December 2017 · 261 views

Just checking in here after a really exhausting 48 hours after arriving back in my home town of Perth, 4000km away from Sydney, where I live now. 
I think I can finally relax after driving 200km yesterday and then another 200km today. We were meant to be staying in Collie, 200km south of Perth, in the country. That's where my sister in law lives....

[No Spoilers] New Star Wars Movie

Posted by vidak, 14 December 2017 · 185 views

The new Star Wars movie is amazing. It has inspired me so much. I felt like I was getting tired of programming, but seeing Luke Skywalker really picked me up and made me feel so energised. 
It is such a good movie. I enjoyed it IMMENSELY.

Why You Should Make Games for the Atari 2600

Posted by vidak, 10 December 2017 · 241 views

I am in the process of making an Atari 2600 game. I have been given a lot of support and shown a lot of kindness, even at this very early stage. So I wanted to give back in a small way. In this blog post, I will make five arguments for why you, someone who has never done programming before, should get started in making homebrew games for the Atari 2600....

Guerrilla Game #5.3 -- The Final Puzzle Piece

Posted by vidak, 03 December 2017 · 370 views

Okay! So I think I have mastered how to draw the kernel that SpiceWare outlined in StayFrosty . If make sure you read all of the blog posts under the #5 heading so you understand what I am talking about.
Remember this his how the main player character is drawn in the kernel: ldy Heights+.SEC ... lda (FrostyImagePtr+.SEC*2)...

How to Start Learning Something

Posted by vidak, 01 December 2017 · 253 views

Despite the fact that I have always been obsessed with computers and programming, I have always been a novice at it. I only ever learned to program the simple programs you could copy out of magazines. The programming language I know best is 6502 assembly, but I started learning it 6 months ago. The next language I am most proficient...

Guerrilla Game #5.2

Posted by vidak, 01 December 2017 · 255 views

I     Problems
One thing doesn't add up in my analysis of how the Y Register in the Stay Frosty kernel is formed. This code forms the Heights variable: ldy #SECTIONS*DATA_BYTES_PER_SECTION-4-1+2+2 ; -4 for the 4 unused platform bytes ; +2 for fireball size info ; +2 for level control init.plLoop...

Guerilla Game #5.1

Posted by vidak, 30 November 2017 · 331 views

Okay. I was off to the wrong start with my first kernel. On the WIP thread for this game in the forums we established what was really going on as Commando 2600 drew the screen. I will repeat the "discovery" here. Commando draws the screen in bands, what SpiceWare calls in Stay Frosty , "sections". So what we are able to do as we move down the screen is...

The 7800 Being Technically Superior

Posted by vidak, 25 November 2017 · 301 views

I looked up the specifications of the 7800, the NES, and the SMS. 
The 7800 is amazing! It can draw many more sprites on screen than the SMS and NES can. It also has a much larger palette of colours than the SMS and NES. 
What amazing hardware! I suppose the only drawback is the sound chip, which is virtually the same as the 2600 - but honestly...

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