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Intellivision Colors - Food Coloring Style

Posted by walker7, 07 November 2017 · 507 views

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Did you ever enjoy playing with food coloring?  I did, many times.  And that, plus my lifetime fascination with computers inspired me to come up with this blog.
These are the 16 colors from the Intellivision, rendered in McCormick Food Coloring.  It uses the standard red/yellow/green/blue, plus the neon purple/green/pink/blue, and black.
Black:  8 parts Black
Blue:  7 parts Blue, 1 part Red
Red:  7 parts Red
Tan:  2 parts Yellow, 1 part Red, 1 part Green
Dark Green:  10 parts Green, 1 part Blue, 2 parts Black
Green:  6 parts Green, 3 parts Yellow
Yellow:  7 parts Yellow
White:  None
Gray:  3 parts Black, 1 part Neon Purple
Cyan:  3 parts Blue, 1 part Green
Orange:  3 parts Yellow, 3 parts Red
Brown:  7 parts Yellow, 6 parts Red, 6 parts Green
Pink:  2 part Red, 1 part Neon Pink
Light Blue:  1 part Neon Blue, 1 part Neon Purple
Yellow-Green:  3 parts Yellow, 1 part Green
Purple:  7 parts Red, 3 parts Blue
And here's what they look like.  Notice that they look kind of pastel, but that's because I used an opaque white paint as my medium.
Posted Image
That does it for this segment.  Next time, I'm going to render MSX colors using food coloring.

This is great! I didn't realise the Intellivision only that 16 colours!


Kinda makes me appreciate the 2600, with its 128...


But anyway this makes me want to play the Intellivision!

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As the kids say: "Pics or it didn't happen". Indeed you wrote it is untested, so only theoretically you should get a mostly matching palette, but with at least one example image it would be more exciting.


Also if you're thinking MSX1 colours, those will be the same as e.g. ColecoVision or TI-99/4A colours (and dozens of other systems) so if you want to go technical, you can call that set TI VDP colours.

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I got the picture up now.  It's pretty cool!

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