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MSX Colors - Food Coloring Style

Posted by walker7, 26 November 2017 · 448 views

msx colecovision ti colors palette food colors food coloring 8-bit retro

This is the second installment in computer food coloring.  This time, it's the MSX palette.  It's also used on the ColecoVision, and the TI 99/4A.  Therefore, it could be called the TI palette.  It consists of 15 colors and a transparent color.
Color 0 is Transparent.
Black:  8 parts Black
Medium Green:  9 parts Green
Light Green:  5 parts Green
Dark Blue:  7 parts Blue, 5 parts Neon Blue, 5 parts Neon Purple
Light Blue:  2 parts Neon Blue, 2 parts Neon Purple
Dark Red:  30 parts Red, 1 part Blue, 1 part Green
Cyan:  3 parts Neon Blue
Medium Red:  13 parts Red
Light Red:  5 parts Red
Dark Yellow:  8 parts Yellow, 3 parts Red, 2 parts Green
Light Yellow:  3 parts Yellow
Dark Green:  24 parts Green, 1 part Blue
Magenta:  7 parts Neon Purple, 2 parts Green
Gray:  2 parts Black
White:  None
The transparent color was achieved by using plain water.  The medium used was Sargent Art Art-Time white tempera paint, which is opaque.
And here's how it turned out:
Posted Image
That certainly looks cool!  It's pretty accurate.

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