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Return of the Bobcat

A Bubsy II ad from Sega Visions and another Bubsy I ad from an unknown source...

Posted by Lefty1430, 14 April 2018 · 103 views
Accolade, Bubsy, Bubsy II and 2 more...
Here's an interesting ad of Bubsy II from an old magazine called Sega Visions. Sorry if it's a little hard to see... ^^; I don't know where the other ad is from, but it looked cool... XD 

Guess who managed to get the first game? :D

Posted by Lefty1430, 05 April 2018 · 88 views
accolade, bubsy, SNES
Granted, I had to use an emulator on my phone, but it still technically counts. XD 
Now where to find the second game...?

Screenshots from the Cartoon Pilot (Part 2)

Posted by Lefty1430, 04 April 2018 · 100 views
accolade, bubsy, cartoon and 1 more...
Like I promised, here are more shots I managed to capture. I must admit, because of that recording's better quality, it actually makes the animation nicer. They actually fixed the lip synching too. Would you think of that? XD Some, if not most, of these are kind of in between frames, so the characters' expressions might look a little weird... ...

Bubsy Cartoon Pilot (Some History and Screenshots...) Part 1

Posted by Lefty1430, 01 April 2018 · 114 views
#bubsy, #cartoon, #accolade
(This entry might have to be split into several parts because of the sheer amount of frames. XD) While I was searching around Youtube today, one lucky youtuber managed to have the original recording of the pilot when it aired, along with the commercials between the cartoon. It was actually in better quality (480p instead of 240p) than the re-uploads...

Old GamePro Magazine Ads

Posted by Lefty1430, 01 April 2018 · 69 views

I was digging around in an old site where you can read old videogame magazines. While looking around I managed to stumble upon some of these.(Sorry if they're not in the best quality...) 
Cool, huh? If you want me to upload more, just ask. ;)