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Keystone Kapers (Activision)

Posted by DoctorSpuds, 23 October 2018 · 41 views

Keystone Kapers (Activision) You’ll likely remember how in Sunday’s review I criticized Barnstorming for being ‘style over substance’, well I think Keystone Kapers may have finally balanced these two opposing forces. The premise is fairly basic, you are a cop who needs to catch a burglar who is escaping through a shopping mall, you must avoid obstacles in orde...

Skeet Shoot (Apollo)

Posted by DoctorSpuds, 22 October 2018 · 55 views

Skeet Shoot (Apollo) Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

Barnstorming (Activision)

Posted by DoctorSpuds, 21 October 2018 · 44 views

Barnstorming (Activision) You may recall a short time ago when I mentioned ‘style over substance’ in my Smurf Rescue review, sadly I think Barnstorming falls into such a category. Graphics-wise the game is absolutely stunning, the background with the mountains and the beautiful sunset, the foreground with the giant barns and windmills. The best looking thing in the gam...

Grand Prix (Activision)

Posted by DoctorSpuds, 20 October 2018 · 55 views

Grand Prix (Activision) The main thing that I find characterizes these ‘Avoid-It’ games is simplicity, these games are simple therefore anybody can pick them up and have a good time with them, and because they’re so simple I think I’d be forgiven for giving many of these a single paragraph review, so without further ado lets review Grand Prix.
I be...

Activision Avoid-It Anthology

Posted by DoctorSpuds, 19 October 2018 · 73 views

Activision Avoid-It Anthology It's the next 'Week Of' and this week we've got some real classics for ya!
This week we'll cover (mostly) all of Activision's 'Avoid-It' games, games where the sole objective is to avoid objects to achieve the objective of getting either the lowest time, to the other side, or simply continuing the game. 
The seven games I'll be reviewing are:...

Room of Doom (Commavid)

Posted by DoctorSpuds, 18 October 2018 · 65 views

Room of Doom (Commavid) It seems we have returned to the realm of the obscure. I have reviewed a game from this company before, and ever since I have been yearning for another of their games. Commavid is one of THOSE companies, none of their games ever had a wide release despite their overall quality and are as such rather rare today, two more companies I would define as one of...

Spacemaster X-7 (20th Century Fox)

Posted by DoctorSpuds, 17 October 2018 · 62 views

Spacemaster X-7 (20th Century Fox) I’m going to try something a bit different today, I’m going to try and compress an entire review into one paragraph, let’s go. Spacemaster X-7 is one of the more original games released by TCF, and as far as I can tell it isn’t tied in with any known license. The main objective of the game is to destroy the star base in the center...

Popeye (Parker Brothers)

Posted by DoctorSpuds, 16 October 2018 · 62 views

Popeye (Parker Brothers) There are a lot of strange games out there, I know I keep reiterating this point but it’s like if I sneeze I find more weird games. I had previously though this particular game to be fairly normal but then I gave it a little though and realized that no this is a strange game indeed. Cast your eyes over to Japan and to Nintendo, it was 1982 and their...

Sky Skipper (Parker Brothers)

Posted by DoctorSpuds, 14 October 2018 · 63 views

Sky Skipper (Parker Brothers) Children’s games are nothing new, just about every console has them and most of them suck due in large part to them being far too simple and condescending for even children to play, but that hasn’t always been the case. On many of the older consoles, especially the 2600, you had games made for both adults and young children at the same, the on...

Dig Dug (Atari)

Posted by DoctorSpuds, 13 October 2018 · 69 views

Who here remembers Dig Dug? All of you? Well that’s good because I WAS gonna talk about it today but instead of doing that I actually just kept playing the game, and by the time I realized I need to start writing the review I was out of time to write it. So, instead of putting it off a day I’m just going to tell you right now, if you don...

Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom (Sega)

Posted by DoctorSpuds, 12 October 2018 · 94 views

Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom (Sega) Before Sega was the darling of the 16-bit era it was the darling of arcades worldwide. With games like Zaxxon, Turbo, SubRoc 3D, and the classic Carnival, Sega was a force to be reckoned with in the arcades, but the console market was different for Sega. Many of Sega’s IP’s were already on the popular systems of the time but being released by...

Infiltrate (Apollo)

Posted by DoctorSpuds, 11 October 2018 · 78 views

Infiltrate (Apollo) Apollo presented the games market with a very mixed bag of games. Some were rather fun to play but not very original, like Space Cavern, others were original but not at all fun to play, like Racquetball. One game though seemed to rise above the rest, garnering a somewhat cult status in some circles, that game is Infiltrate. It’s impressive that a ga...

Smurf: Rescue in Gargamel's Castle (Coleco)

Posted by DoctorSpuds, 10 October 2018 · 113 views

Smurf: Rescue in Gargamel's Castle (Coleco) Style over substance, an unfortunate vice that seems to grip many games released nowadays, as it seems all of the budget for them went to making the game look good not leaving enough for a developed plot or characters. We’ve seen this most recently with the Star Wars Battlefront games from EA, which, while being absolutely gorgeous have some of the...

Motorodeo (Atari)

Posted by DoctorSpuds, 09 October 2018 · 68 views

Motorodeo (Atari) Once upon a time, this game was rare, I mean THE rarest, I of course am referring to the fallen angel that it Motorodeo. Once it sat at a kingly R10 on the AtariAge rarity scale, now it only at a modest R5, how the great have fallen. We can thank Venezuela for this influx of new old-stock, these days you can find almost all of the Atari Red Box/label game...

Worm War I (20th Century Fox)

Posted by DoctorSpuds, 07 October 2018 · 57 views

Worm War I (20th Century Fox) Outsourcing is nothing new; almost all big companies do it. Many different industries outsource whether it be for assembly, manufacturing, or acquisition of raw materials. Outsourcing is fairly common in the videogame industry as well; games like Aliens Colonial Marines were famously outsourced to smaller less capable developers much to the chagrin of the...

Lego Racers (High Voltage Software)(Lego)

Posted by DoctorSpuds, 06 October 2018 · 72 views

Lego Racers (High Voltage Software)(Lego)  We all have a cart racer of choice; some prefer Mario Kart, others prefer Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing, and others still prefer Rascal Racers. There are so many cart racers out there that it’s impossible to name them all. There are a few though, myself included, whose cart racer of choice is something so outlandish and awesome that it could...

Challenge (Zellers, Bit Corp.)

Posted by DoctorSpuds, 05 October 2018 · 68 views

Challenge (Zellers, Bit Corp.) Out in the wild lands of Canada, there is a magical place known as Zellers, and at Zellers they sold wondrous things at a low price. Amongst these myriad budget items there were video games, strange ones at that, they came in red boxes with ‘ 2600 compatible’ emblazoned on the front in bold white letters, and the artwork was horrible. Well, wh...

Mattel Children's Discovery System

Posted by DoctorSpuds, 04 October 2018 · 98 views

Mattel Children's Discovery System This review is going to be very different than what you’re used to, instead of just reviewing a game I’m going to review and ENTIRE console. Enter the Mattel Children’s Discovery System, a drab little computer that was meant for very small children. I thinks this is one of the ugliest pieces of hardware I’ve ever laid my eyes on, i...

Alien (20th Century Fox)

Posted by DoctorSpuds, 03 October 2018 · 86 views

Alien (20th Century Fox) I hate to say it but I’m feeling a bit lazy, so how about we pick some low hanging fruit for our review today. I’m feeling like a crappy movie tie-in game, how about that? There aren’t many to choose from, especially on the 2600, the only ones I can think of off-hand are Krull and Alien, ooh let’s review Alien! Yeah this is going t...

Skiing (INTV)

Posted by DoctorSpuds, 02 October 2018 · 67 views

Skiing (INTV) Since I mentioned it earlier in my Skiing review, I feel rather obligated to review it now. The Intellivision also has a skiing game called ‘Skiing’ and in my opinion, despite being on a far superior console is nowhere near as good as the 2600 version. Despite most of the game being identical to the 2600 version, the Intellivision’s Skii...

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