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Robin Hood (Xonox)

Posted by DoctorSpuds, 18 December 2018 · 11 views

Robin Hood (Xonox) As I said yesterday we’ve returned, albeit briefly, to the hallowed land of Xonox, but if you take a moment to tear your eyes away from the pristine graphics, and the unique gameplay you’ll that there’s shit in them there hills. Many people from the infomercial era know the name of K-Tel, y’know those guys who peddled everything fr...

Sir Lancelot (Xonox)

Posted by DoctorSpuds, 17 December 2018 · 70 views

Sir Lancelot (Xonox) Well now if this isn’t a sight to behold, we’re back in the land of Xonox. These guys produced some of the most advanced, and beautiful games on the 2600, and they packaged them in a very unique way.  When it comes to exotic cartridges Xonox has the competition beat with their Double Ender cartridges, each side has a different game and th...

Capture the Flag (Sirius Software)

Posted by DoctorSpuds, 16 December 2018 · 57 views

Capture the Flag (Sirius Software) Sorry for missing the review yesterday, but for reasons way within my control I just simply couldn’t (I.E. I was just lazy). I had a friend over yesterday to play some games, and even though the big winner of the night was Pachinko! On Odyssey 2, because he was winning by a country mile the whole time, followed by Survivor by Synapse, since it...

Final Approach (Apollo)

Posted by DoctorSpuds, 14 December 2018 · 57 views

Final Approach (Apollo) I had my heart broken by this game; it was the subject of the first major regret of my collecting career. In Madison and the surrounding areas we have a Goodwill equivalent called St. Vinnie’s, every year there are a couple of game sales at St. Vinnie’s where basically everything videogame related that came in gets put up for sale ridiculously...

Crackpots (Activision)

Posted by DoctorSpuds, 13 December 2018 · 46 views

Crackpots (Activision) I have been after Crackpots for a while now, but long has it eluded me, usually because I kept forgetting to buy it or because the prices made me vomit in my mouth a little. I was immediately suckered in by the amazing graphics and unusual game premise, but now that I have it, how does it hold up? Well before we get to that I have to address the cartridge...

Amidar/Spiderdroid (Parker Brothers/Froggo)

Posted by DoctorSpuds, 12 December 2018 · 82 views

Amidar/Spiderdroid (Parker Brothers/Froggo) I don’t like Amidar, I don’t like how it looks, or how it plays, it was a game that was best left in the arcades and forgotten about. If you like the game then good for you, you can find enjoyment in something that infuriates me, to be honest. Amidar was an arcade game that was developed and published by Konami back in 1981, and by all account...

Cosmic Creeps (Telesys)

Posted by DoctorSpuds, 11 December 2018 · 67 views

Cosmic Creeps (Telesys) Telesys was most certainly not one to back down from new ideas and unique game concepts, which lead to the creation of such gems as, Coconuts, Fast Food, and the focus of today’s review, Cosmic Creeps.  Cosmic Creeps is rather unique among games of its genre, it’s one of the only shooters where you shoot from the top of the screen, and is...

Lock 'n' Chase (M-Network)

Posted by DoctorSpuds, 09 December 2018 · 82 views

Lock 'n' Chase (M-Network) Sorry about missing the review yesterday, I've been under the weather recently. I managed to get this review out for you guys today, because I like ya, and you deserve it.
We’re back in Mattel territory with Lock ‘n’ Chase which just so happens to be another Pac-Man clone.  Lock ‘n’ Chase was one of the several Ma...

Spider Fighter (Activision)

Posted by DoctorSpuds, 07 December 2018 · 78 views

Spider Fighter (Activision) It’s time to play a true classic, a game that seems to stand above the rest with its fun and quality. SPIDER FIGHTER!!! Or as I call it ‘SPIDER FIDER’, a game that is both fun and cathartic because I don’t like spiders and would much rather beat them up. Your objective in Spider Fider is to shoot the crap out of insects and spiders...

Moonsweeper (Imagic)

Posted by DoctorSpuds, 06 December 2018 · 63 views

Moonsweeper (Imagic) If one were to look at the most ambitious titles in the 2600 library Moonsweeper would undoubtedly be near the top, it’s so ambitious that the only game I can really compare it to is Solaris, which as we all know is another one of, if not the, most advanced games on the system. Moonsweeper was released in 1983, Imagic’s final proper year of op...

Thunderground (Sega)

Posted by DoctorSpuds, 05 December 2018 · 60 views

Thunderground (Sega) Thunderground was an oddity from Sega; clearly this game has some serious arcade potential, but was never released in the arcades. This game exists solely on the 2600, which is rather unfortunate since I think this could have gone on to be a hit, both in arcades and on the other home consoles. I was lucky enough to find a Taiwan Cooper version of this gam...

Cross Force (Spectravision)

Posted by DoctorSpuds, 04 December 2018 · 57 views

Cross Force (Spectravision) Ah, Spectravision we meet again… You confuse me Spectravision, you have published so many unique and enjoyable games, while at the same time publishing absurd crap that also winds up being unique in its own way, I simply cannot find it in myself to dislike you. I think I’ll look at another one of Spectravision’s unique titles today, how...

A little help

Posted by DoctorSpuds, 03 December 2018 · 106 views

A little help Happy Monday! I recently got this Taiwan Cooper cart from Venezuela for one reason, the picture on the back. Sadly the game on the cart is not the game shown on the back of the box, an odd misprint. Does anybody know what game this is? It looks like some sort of Missile Command/Atlantis clone, and like all Taiwan Cooper boxes the description makes absolut...

Haunted House (Atari)

Posted by DoctorSpuds, 02 December 2018 · 63 views

Haunted House (Atari) It’s time for some spooky shit. Yeah, you all know it, you all may or may not like it, it’s Haunted House. Basically Haunted House takes the gameplay format of Adventure and makes it spooky. I had originally planned to review Haunted House on Halloween, but as you can see that didn’t happen, instead I reviewed Star Fox which is scary for...

Star Raiders (Atari)

Posted by DoctorSpuds, 01 December 2018 · 101 views

Star Raiders (Atari) It is no secret that I’ve recently acquired an Atari 800 computer, and when I asked on the forum which games were the best to play on it, one game was recommended above all else… Star Raiders. I found this a little confusing since I had played Star Raiders on the 2600 and was thoroughly disappointed, but the game store I bought the 800 from di...

Sea Monster (Bit Corp.)

Posted by DoctorSpuds, 30 November 2018 · 87 views

Sea Monster (Bit Corp.) How many games has Bit Corporation made?!? (Or at least been credited with making/stealing) I keep finding more and more all the time, as is the case for today’s game. Technically I can’t play this game since the copy I own is in the PAL format and will therefore display improperly on my TV, but I still own a physical copy so it’s okay....

Shark Attack/Lochjaw (Apollo)

Posted by DoctorSpuds, 29 November 2018 · 67 views

Shark Attack/Lochjaw (Apollo) This is a game that needs no introduction, which is good since I’m running out of things to fill the first paragraph with, especially when it comes to Apollo. But seeing as how this game in particular is somewhat legendary I’ll strive to give it an introduction of sorts. Shark Attack had a difficult birth, originally it was marketed as Lochjaw...

My 'not so' Brand Spankin' new Atari 800!

Posted by DoctorSpuds, 28 November 2018 · 125 views

My 'not so' Brand Spankin' new Atari 800! So… This Atari 800 computer was found in the basement of West High School in Madison WI. It was with 2 other 800’s, and 800X and a 520ST, there was also an Atari 820 printer, four 5 ½ inch floppy drives, and an Atari 850 interface. The 800X works as do all the floppy drives,the 520ST is not functioning due to an issue with the power butto...

Jawbreaker (Tigervision)

Posted by DoctorSpuds, 27 November 2018 · 90 views

Jawbreaker (Tigervision) Anybody who grew up in the 1990’s remembers Tiger Electronics, the creators of numerous LCD games of varying quality, and of the Game Com. Tiger had a video game division that went by the name of Tigervision who ported many different games from different publishers onto the 2600 and the more popular home computers of the time, they are also responsi...

My Favorite 2600 games (and then some)

Posted by DoctorSpuds, 26 November 2018 · 101 views

Since I don’t normally post reviews on Mondays I decided to do something a little different. Instead of posting a review how about I put up a list of my personal favorite games on my personal favorite console the Atari 2600. These aren’t in any particular order; they are simply the games that have given me the most enjoyment during my time pla...

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