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Eggomania (U.S. Games)

Posted by DoctorSpuds, 16 February 2019 · 130 views

Eggomania (U.S. Games) When it comes to Catch ‘em games one reigns supreme Kaboom! But we’re not going to be reviewing Kaboom! for a while, we’re looking at one of the games it inspired. Which could be? Could it be Lost Luggage, Eggomania, Big Bird’s Egg Catch, Berenstain Bears, did I find the unreleased prototype of Kickman? (Hint: it’s no). I...

Oh Dear! I broke my stick!

Posted by DoctorSpuds, 14 February 2019 · 128 views

Well isn’t this a little awkward, today’s subject for review, my recently acquired Datasoft Le Stick, has just stopped working. I have popped open the bottom to get at the wires to see what was going on and my worst suspicions were confirmed. Due to how you use the Le Stick, violently jerking it from side to side, it really does a number on th...

Box Review (Taiwan Cooper)

Posted by DoctorSpuds, 13 February 2019 · 130 views

Box Review (Taiwan Cooper) I am well and truly lacking inspiration for a game review today, nothing is jumping out at me in any meaningful way. So instead of doing a review that I don’t really want to I’ll do something else that I keep putting on the backburner, and don’t worry it’s not a new thing for Mondays, it’s just the thing I’m currently d...

The Challenge of Nexar (Spectravision)

Posted by DoctorSpuds, 12 February 2019 · 106 views

The Challenge of Nexar (Spectravision) Spectravision! What is this?!? A Joke? Because I’m not laughing. Why? Well I’ll tell you… The Challenge of Nexar… is actually a pretty decent game; I don’t know why you’d expect me to be angry about it. Nexar is a fairly standard fake first person shooter in the same vein as Survival Run by Milton Bradley, where you mov...

Monday Box Review! (Tigervision)

Posted by DoctorSpuds, 11 February 2019 · 92 views

Monday Box Review! (Tigervision) I’ll admit that when it comes to the 2600 library, and actually most game libraries in general, the box designs can get rather samey or at the very least lacking in originality. Some consoles like the NES  and 2600 can have very creative box arts, and in a few unique cases box shapes and designs, though the PC still reigns supreme in that respe...

Phillip the 2600, What has he defiled today? (Updated 2/10/19)

Posted by DoctorSpuds, 10 February 2019 · 818 views

Phillip the 2600, What has he defiled today? (Updated 2/10/19) Phillip is pain... All it feels is an endless wash of pain. Phillip waits for death patiently and quietly for it knows its death is nigh
1/31/19 Added Commavid, Atari Silver Label
2/1/19  Added Atari Text/Color Label
2/2/19 Added Xonox
2/4/19 Added Quest for Quintana Roo, Fast Eddie
2/10/19 Added Nexar, Ram It, Star...

Ram It (Telesys)

Posted by DoctorSpuds, 10 February 2019 · 82 views

Ram It (Telesys) And the award for the second worst game title goes to… … …Ram It! I don’t even know why they went with this name in particular because you don’t actually do any ramming in the game whatsoever. I wish I could give this game a full review but due to the simplistic nature of every aspect of the game a single paragraph will have...

Stargunner (Telesys)

Posted by DoctorSpuds, 09 February 2019 · 99 views

Stargunner (Telesys) Telesys was an earnest company with humble beginnings; they just wanted to make good, fun games. Unfortunately Telesys also died a very humble death as they did not find their desired success in the games market. Telesys arrived on the scene in 1982; they released six games and were gone by the end of 1983. Sometimes I’m glad when I learn of the unf...

Controllers, Controllers Everywhere.

Posted by DoctorSpuds, 07 February 2019 · 94 views

Controllers, Controllers Everywhere. For the past 175 or so reviews I have focused only on the games, and more recently the packaging. One element of playing games that seems to be often overlooked by anybody is the controller. We all have that one controller that we’ll choose no matter what. So I thought to myself “Do a thing about controllers dsjgbpoiubdsajln nsamldfoi” a...

Quest for Quintana Roo (Sunrise Software/Telegames)

Posted by DoctorSpuds, 06 February 2019 · 106 views

Quest for Quintana Roo (Sunrise Software/Telegames) Sunrise was a blip on the radar of the 2600 library, they appeared, released a single game, and vanished, just like that. Even though they only released a single 2600 game it doesn’t mean they didn’t release others on different systems. They released a few games for the Colecovision, and released ports for their main game Quest for Quintana Ro...

Fast Eddie (20th Century Fox)

Posted by DoctorSpuds, 05 February 2019 · 111 views

Fast Eddie (20th Century Fox) The 2600 has several single screen platformers in its library. Some are excellent like Donkey Kong, others are decent but with flaws like Infiltrate or Tron, and others just suck like Miner 2049’er. There is one platformer that I feel doesn’t get enough attention though, and that is 20th Century Fox’s Fast Eddie. If I were to equate the...

Down the 2600 Rabbit Hole

Posted by DoctorSpuds, 04 February 2019 · 135 views

I’ve been trying to rationalize to myself where the rabbit hole that is Atari collecting begins and ends. Of course it begins with Atari themselves, along with the bigger publishers like Activision, Parker Brothers, and Imagic. Here let’s try something… I won’t be able to include all the publishers, but I can try to paint a vague p...

Chuck Norris Superkicks (Xonox)

Posted by DoctorSpuds, 03 February 2019 · 99 views

Chuck Norris Superkicks (Xonox) Uh… What!?! They made a Chuck Norris game? Wait… Xonox made a Chuck Norris game!?! Well I just gotta play it now… …
 … I vastly regret… everything.
 So, this game exists. This game was released in 1983, right around the time that ol’ Chuck was gaining mainstream popularity, but he was doing Westerns not...

Seaquest (Activision)

Posted by DoctorSpuds, 30 January 2019 · 133 views

Seaquest (Activision) I like me some Seaquest, it’s just one of those games that is so simple in premise but absolutely masterful in its execution. The premise is simple, collect stranded treasure seeking divers while blasting away sharks and enemy subs who are pursuing them. As the game progresses the enemies come in larger numbers and are more aggressive while divers a...

Monday Box Review! (Mythicon)

Posted by DoctorSpuds, 28 January 2019 · 103 views

Monday Box Review! (Mythicon) Mythicon was a pool of optimism for success in the videogame market that ran dry quicker than it took for me to type this sentence. These guys were a blip on the radar, they came, and they went and were never seen again. I suppose it is rather remarkable then that so many copies of their games can be found in the wild, perhaps it was due to how Mythicon d...

Carnival (Coleco) vs. Shootin' Gallery (Imagic)

Posted by DoctorSpuds, 26 January 2019 · 114 views

It has been a while since I’ve done a comparison review, and with the acquisition of a certain game it seems that I finally have a good enough pairing to warrant one. Am I the only one who finds the concept of a shooting gallery arcade game to be odd? Or at least one that doesn’t use some sort of a light gun to emulate a real shootin’ ga...

Battlezone (Atari)

Posted by DoctorSpuds, 24 January 2019 · 144 views

Battlezone (Atari) Battlezone is one of my absolute favorite arcade games, and as we all know when it comes to the 2600 arcade conversions can be rather hit or miss. Battlezone 2600, fortunately, hits it outta the park, it is seriously an amazing conversion. The graphics on display are, at least in my opinion, better than the arcade’s sparse vector lines, it just so f...

SpaceChase *Re-reviewed* (Apollo)

Posted by DoctorSpuds, 22 January 2019 · 154 views

SpaceChase *Re-reviewed* (Apollo) I’ve been thinking back to my Spacechase review that I posted all the way back in June, it was my second review and I feel it is one of my worst. There is almost no talking about the game itself just me bashing it for being a bad game, and holy crap the second and fourth paragraphs are just one sentence each! That’s terrible! So I think it...

Monday Box Review! (Froggo)

Posted by DoctorSpuds, 21 January 2019 · 113 views

Monday Box Review! (Froggo) Its Froggo time once more as we look at the packaging their terrible games came in and not the terrible games themselves. If you were going to break into such an antiquated market as the Atari 2600 you’ve gotta have some real head turning game boxes, and did Froggo deliver? Well, no, not really, you need to remember that in 1987 the NES, Master Syst...

Spike's Peak (Xonox)

Posted by DoctorSpuds, 20 January 2019 · 161 views

Spike's Peak (Xonox) Alright… So I promised that I would never review this game a long time ago in my Ghost Manor review but I feel that I now know enough about the game to give it a proper review. Spike’s Peak makes me cringe; I can find zero enjoyment from this game no matter how much I play it. Right now Spike’s Peak is the only Xonox game I have that I...

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