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Fast Food (Telesys)

Posted by DoctorSpuds, 10 November 2018 · 91 views

Fast Food (Telesys)

Telesys was one of those oddball publishers that I view in the same vein as Commavid, while not garnering a HUGE amount of success they still made creative and fun games that quickly got rarer and rarer as they slowly died a horrible painful death during the Video Game Crash. Most collectors will have three of their six games: Cosmic Creeps, Coconuts, and Fast Food. I’ve already looked at Coconuts a long, long time ago, so it seems to be about time that I look at another of their games, Fast Food, which while not being a hidden gem falls somewhere around Infiltrate in cult status. The goal of the game is to control a freakish pair of purple chompers to eat as much junk food as possible while avoiding the dreaded purple pickles. All of the foods are very well drawn and you can actually tell which food is whizzing at you, shakes, burgers, ice cream cones, amongst others. The problem with Fast Food is that it’s a one trick pony, you do one thing and the only variation is that the foods get faster and faster until it becomes quite impossible to play, much like Infiltrate. Fast Food isn’t a very expensive game, coming in at around 5-10$ for a loose cartridge and 20+ for a boxed copy of dubious quality, if you can find it cheap enough it might be worth it, but it’s definitely a pick up and put down game.

Nicely reviewed. I like the parallel to Infiltrate. Fortunately it's not a too-simple-that-it-sucks game like Space Jockey. But at the same time it doesn't hit that magic spot that Kaboom nailed. I like to think of it somewhere in between in feel.
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