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Spider Fighter (Activision)

Posted by DoctorSpuds, 07 December 2018 · 172 views

Spider Fighter (Activision)

It’s time to play a true classic, a game that seems to stand above the rest with its fun and quality. SPIDER FIGHTER!!! Or as I call it ‘SPIDER FIDER’, a game that is both fun and cathartic because I don’t like spiders and would much rather beat them up. Your objective in Spider Fider is to shoot the crap out of insects and spiders that are trying to steal the fruit from an orchard, to stop them you shoot poison pellets from your Bug Blaster. The Master Nest will spew out ugly bugs for you to contend with, while also trying to steal the fruit situated on the top right of the screen if you shoot the Master Nest, all bugs present on the screen will turn into yucky looking Stingers that shoot a whole bunch of nastiness at you. The movement of your Bug Blaster is fast and responsive, and experienced player can effortlessly weave through waves of enemies without breaking a sweat. Shooting is one of the best feelings you can get in a videogame, coupled with the sounds is feels like you’re a poison machine gun of death doom and destruction hell-bent on vaporizing anything with more than four legs, it just feels so good. I need not comment on the graphics or the sounds, since its Activision and you know it’s good before you put the game in the console (I know that’s not true for all Activision games but it is for most) so you don’t need to worry about it. This is one of Activision’s most common titles so it should be no problem for you to find one in the wild, but if you are unable to I’m seeing loose copies for 6+ bucks on Ebay with boxed copies coming in at 25+ dollars, which is a bit steep for such a common game. Spider Fider is definitely a game worth owning and worth playing (often, very often).

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