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Book Review: How To Invent Everything

Posted by DZ-Jay, in Stuff 09 January 2019 · 96 views

I've been reading this book my wife got me for Christmas called, "How To Invent Everything ," by Ryan North, and I can't put it down!  It's hilarious and uncanny and so entertaining!
It's hard to describe what it is.  It's not a joke book, but more like a history book, or a scientific journal, with a sci-fi twist.  You know, it occur...

Christmas Carol: A Short Story - Part XXXVII

Posted by DZ-Jay, in Christmas Carol, Short Story 05 January 2019 · 66 views

To fly ... or to boat ...?  That's a question I have now, based on a dear friend's suggestion.
She points out that a boat is too slow, so that perhaps the Evil Snowman could use a different mode of transportation to escape from the North Pole with his loot.  My first reaction to this was ... hmm ... does it really matter?
I mean, i...

Christmas Carol: A Short Story - Part XXXVI

Posted by DZ-Jay, in Christmas Carol, Short Story 04 January 2019 · 73 views

Wow, still here, huh?  I thought I was done with this thing.  Man, oh, man, was I wrong! :roll:
For the past week I not only proofread the book, but have spent a considerable amount of time doing some research on preparing query letters and identifying potential children's book publishers that could be interested in my manuscript.  I...

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