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Christmas Carol: A Short Story - Part XXXI

Posted by DZ-Jay, in Christmas Carol, Short Story 02 December 2018 · 133 views

Uh-oh!  The unthinkable has happened.
No, I did not play again with the fonts and the paragraph layout (although I did that last week just to see how it would flow in different formats).
Also no, I have not finished the story yet (although that act should not really be unthinkable at this point, having written more than 13 whole chapters, plus change).
No, no, it's the other thing that should not have happened any more:  I added another chapter to the story.
I am still writing Chapter 14, named "Twisted Toyland" in reference to the game's final stage, its "boss level."  However, I realized that it should not really be the last chapter.  It includes the climactic confrontation between Carol Greenleaf, the Evil Snowman, and the Bad Toy, and the exciting conclusion when she defeats her enemies by her sheer resourcefulness.  It just didn't feel right to deflate all that excitement by combining it with the more subdued ending of her adventure.
So, I split it.  Once the story's climactic scene concludes, so does the chapter, ending it on a high note.  A new chapter then starts with the final resolution of Carol finishing her mission and returning home to the awaiting elves.
Ultimately, the story stands at 15 chapters and an epilogue.  I think it'll work better that way.  We'll see once I complete the whole thing and read it through entirely.
15 chapters.  Not bad for a short story -- and it's still a rather short story; the average chapter size is just about 5 pages.
Well, that's today's entry.  I have to get back to work:  That nasty Bad Toy just melted the Evil Snowman down into a snowball, and now Carol has to deal with double-trouble from the coordinated attack of two enemies instead of one!  I can't wait to see what happens next! :o
     See ya',

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