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Switched on POKEY

S.O.P. Track 8 - Prelude and Fugue No2 in C Minor

Posted by k-Pack, 18 May 2019 · 131 views
Bach, midi, SOP
Seems the simpler the program the more I like the result.

Atari MUS and OBJ files

Music File origin:    PANDF2R.MUS

S.O.P. Track 7 - Prelude and Fugue No7 in E-Flat Major

Posted by k-Pack, 22 March 2019 · 171 views

This track may seem a little plucky but if you listen to the tracks in order your ears may  become conditioned to the point where it  doesn't sound half bad. Or maybe not.

All the rest of the music has been entered into the  MIDI Music System and is ready to record once some new sounds can be programed.  For this track...

S.O.P. Track 6 - Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring

Posted by k-Pack, 20 December 2018 · 183 views
Bach, Switched on POKEY, MIDI and 1 more...
Looking forward to seeing what's under the tree, so until then……..

Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring has been in the archives for quite some time.  I don't believe there is anyway to track down the origins of this MIDI MUSIC SYSTEM file. Who ever is responsible, I would like to express my  gratitude. Although, I didn't use...

S.O.P. Track 5 - Two-Part Invention In D Minor

Posted by k-Pack, 16 December 2018 · 196 views
BACH, Music Studio and 1 more...
S.O.P. Track 5 - Two-Part Invention In D Minor Back to basics.  I decided to do this track without using the MIDI setup.   Track 5 was recorded using a 130XE running The Music Studio developed by Audio Light, Inc. and distributed by Activision.

My first experience with Music Studio was on the ST.  I saw the A8 version at a rock bottom price and added it to my...

S.O.P. Track 4 - Two-Part Invention In B-flat Minor

Posted by k-Pack, 03 December 2018 · 144 views
BACH, MIDI, Switched on Pokey
Bach's Invention #14
The ADSR is modified for this track.  Mostly the S and R but only slightly.

Music File origin:  INVENT14.MUS 

S.O.P. Track 3 - Two-Part Invention In F Major

Posted by k-Pack, 07 November 2018 · 247 views
S.O.P. Track 3 - Two-Part Invention In F Major A.K.A. Invention #8
Still working with Atari BASIC to create the sounds.  This time a couple of FOR-NEXT loops were added to give a little attack and decay to the notes before it was compiled.  The Program does some pretty strange things to the notes when used with a MIDI KEYBOARD but works OK as long as a note get turned off before the next NO...

S.O.P. Track 2 - Air On A G String

Posted by k-Pack, 22 October 2018 · 229 views

S.O.P. Track 2 - Air On A G String I wanted to set track 2  up as a duo between the Atari 800 and a friend with a Cello. Pairing the Atari with the Yamaha TG-33 ended up being the easier option.  Besides, it was also easier to use the effects processor in the mixer then renting a cathedral.   Maybe that friend would have called back if I had left him a voice message....

S.O.P. Track 1 - Sinfonia To Cantata No. 29

Posted by k-Pack, 16 October 2018 · 210 views
Or would it be more impressive to say ,
Sinfonia dalla Cantata n.29
Trascrizione da Concerto per Atari 800

This track was produced using one Atari 800 for all its sound sources with a little FX provided by the mixer.  Two of Atari's sound channels were combined to allow defining frequencies using 16 bits.  The MP3 is the c...

Switched On POKEY - Prologue

Posted by k-Pack, 15 October 2018 · 190 views
Bach, Carlos, MIDI
Earlier this year I declared my intentions to recreate the sound tracks on W. Carlos's Switched on Bach album using  Atari8 computers.  I wish I had started earlier.  It would have been a fitting tribute to Carlos's work if I had finished it on the 50th anniversary of its release. I hope it is still a fitting tribute when it is done.

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