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Switched on POKEY

S.O.P. Track 3 - Two-Part Invention In F Major

Posted by k-Pack, 07 November 2018 · 57 views
S.O.P. Track 3 - Two-Part Invention In F Major A.K.A. Invention #8
Still working with Atari BASIC to create the sounds.  This time a couple of FOR-NEXT loops were added to give a little attack and decay to the notes before it was compiled.  The Program does some pretty strange things to the notes when used with a MIDI KEYBOARD but works OK as long as a note get turned off before the next NO...

S.O.P. Track 2 - Air On A G String

Posted by k-Pack, 22 October 2018 · 87 views

S.O.P. Track 2 - Air On A G String I wanted to set track 2  up as a duo between the Atari 800 and a friend with a Cello. Pairing the Atari with the Yamaha TG-33 ended up being the easier option.  Besides, it was also easier to use the effects processor in the mixer then renting a cathedral.   Maybe that friend would have called back if I had left him a voice message....

S.O.P. Track 1 - Sinfonia To Cantata No. 29

Posted by k-Pack, 16 October 2018 · 85 views
Or would it be more impressive to say ,
Sinfonia dalla Cantata n.29
Trascrizione da Concerto per Atari 800

This track was produced using one Atari 800 for all its sound sources with a little FX provided by the mixer.  Two of Atari's sound channels were combined to allow defining frequencies using 16 bits.  The MP3 is the c...

Switched On POKEY - Prologue

Posted by k-Pack, 15 October 2018 · 62 views
Bach, Carlos, MIDI
Earlier this year I declared my intentions to recreate the sound tracks on W. Carlos's Switched on Bach album using  Atari8 computers.  I wish I had started earlier.  It would have been a fitting tribute to Carlos's work if I had finished it on the 50th anniversary of its release. I hope it is still a fitting tribute when it is done.

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