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Switched On POKEY - Prologue

Posted by k-Pack, 15 October 2018 · 117 views

Bach Carlos MIDI

Earlier this year I declared my intentions to recreate the sound tracks on W. Carlos's Switched on Bach album using  Atari8 computers.  I wish I had started earlier.  It would have been a fitting tribute to Carlos's work if I had finished it on the 50th anniversary of its release. I hope it is still a fitting tribute when it is done.
Released in 1968, eleven years before the Atari 800 was available. Electronic music generation was just in the experimental stages and being defined by a few musicians. It just boggles my mind when I try to think about using multi-track tape recorders, but its what they used.  I wouldn't be attempting this today without a MIDIMax on the 130XE and digital multitrack recording software on my PC.  If your unfamiliar with the album, Wikipedia has some information.
I wanted to start this blog for two reasons. The first is to document the hardware and software used for each track.  They have been in development over the last 2 years, and continues to evolve as needs require.
The second reason is:  I was going to upload the entire album when it was done but it took me about a month of free time to input the first track to MIDI Music Software from sheet music. If for some reason the album isn't completed, the finished tracks will be avalible.
The only design restriction to be imposed on the music is that the Atari 8 sound will have a major influence on the composition.  Sounds kind of open ended; and it should be open ended enough to create some interesting music.
This blog will consist of 14 entries.  This Prologue, 12 tracks, and an epilog.  This should keep the information relevant to this project if you choose to "follow this blog". 

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